About Virtual Hive

Virtual Hive is a result of Agenda Groups engagement in virtual experience thinking. With more than 20 years of experience Agenda Group are specialists in creating and executing engaging business driving conferences and fairs. For many years the focus was solely on creating and executing physical presence events. But with the respect for climate change, financial costs and business driving efficiency in 2016 Agenda Group defined a mission to invest and lead the industry developing virtual tools.

The goal was to develop a digital tool with a close to the same emotional impact as participating physically but with an increased efficiency in learning end engagement, creating leads, and even convert to sale. This was the birth of the product and company we call Virtual Hive.

And what was firstly intended to support a 360 degrees hybrid solution turned out to be an invaluable tool for many companies around the world.

In the future we all hope to be able to meet again and that let Virtual Hive be the digital tool in hybrid events. Until then we are just very happy that we started our tech developing journey years ago, and proud that we can now provide the world with strong virtual solution that has already proven successful.

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