Carlsberg Commercial Leadership Conference 2021

Carlsberg used our platform Virtual Hive for their Commercial Leadership Conference 2021. Have a look, and see how they with a few clicks created a true Carlsberg atmosphere in our standard version. We’re really proud to be the designers behind their big virtual conference!


“Virtual Hive supported us with an outstanding virtual platform and the team made sure that our global CLT was executed to perfection. The platform proved to be a rewarding inspiring environment, for our leaders around the globe to listen to important keynotes, discuss forward looking strategies and dive deep into our portfolio of products. We are really satisfied that we chose to partner with Virtual Hive. This platform definitely sets the bar for future virtual and physical conferences”.
– Shirleen Paixin Xi, Project Lead Carlsberg CLT 2021

“The Virtual Hive platform made the online conference much more interactive, interesting and user friendly. It was a fantastic virtual conference experience, well organized and brought huge value to the audience. It was a great way for us to recharge, regain passion, and find a new perspective on our work. Thank you! – An event attendee from Carlsberg Group
– Attendee, Carlsberg CLT 2021

Virtual Hive provided an excellent environment for us to deliver our key messages in an efficient and impactful manner. The technology was easy to navigate, and enabled us to reach a larger number of participants, and share our strategic plans effectively within a very short time”.
– Keynote speaker at the conference from Carlsberg Group

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