Nykredit Private Banking Elite

Purpose & Challenge: The Challenge was: “how to succeed with a client program towards your most important clients when the world is in lockdown”? You

Copenhagen Pride

Virtual Copenhagen Pride Week 2020 Testimonial “It will be different than usual! We’re working with a number of digital formats that are new to us.”


Dagrofa digital dining 2020 Purpose & Challenge The purpose of Dagrofa digital dining was to transform a physical fair into a digital experience that creates

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk, Behaviours for Success Bootcamp Challenge and purposeWithin a very tight timeframe we took on the challenge of helping Novo with onboarding 200 new

Nykredit Invest

NykreditInvest Conference 2020 Challenge and purposeThe challenge was to digitalize Nykredits 5 physical investor conferences to one single virtual conference and therefore reach more than

Dansk Fjernvarme

Dansk fjernvarme Virtual Conference 2020 Challenge/purposeThe purpose was to transform a physical conference into an inspiring virtual conference on how we reach the 2030 climate