February 04 2021

Event Tech: A Revolutionary Game Changer for Fairs and Experience Events

There is a global desire to break away from the new behavioral patterns of the post COVID-19 world, and return to the comfort of business as usual.

By Anders Peter Hageskov
Partner Virtual Hive

Event Tech: a revolutionary game changer for fairs and experience events

There is a global desire to break away from the new behavioral patterns of the post COVID-19 world, and return to the comfort of business as usual. Personally, I miss the freedom of traveling and attending exciting physical conferences and fairs, and I look forward to being reunited with my coworkers, creating strong business relationships face-to-face, and closing deals with a handshake or a hug.

However, we are not quite there yet, but eventually we will be facing the question: should we meet physically or virtually?

We are facing a permanent change in behavior

The past one and a half years have taught us that business can be done virtually and successfully in almost any industry. The insane pressure we were all under at the beginning of the pandemic sparked a creative flame in even the most conservative organizations: businesses grew, and discovered virtual ways to recover and survive.

This strong momentum has established a foundation for a different everyday life that we might as well benefit from. When COVID-19 is history, the world is still screaming for sustainable behavior, efficiency, and cost-consciousness, and the new ways of doing business is in fact stimulating these areas. However, human beings are a social species that relies on cooperation, and physical events will likely stand the test of time, but old ways of doing business will be mixed with new adapted virtual ways and form a hybrid of the two: a way of meeting, learning and experiencing where we are not necessarily dependent on time or physical location. With the arrival of EvTech* we will have to embrace a permanent change in behavior. In the future, people will likely meet on different virtual platforms whenever it fits into their schedule.

Pros and cons of what we have discovered and experienced

If we are to draw a line and define the immediate pros and cons from what we have discovered and experienced in the early stages of this extremely potent new world of virtual possibilities, let us start by shining a light on the fair and conference industries. They rose from the dead after being hit hard, and have been some of the main drivers in creating what we may later look back on and ask ourselves ‘Why did it take a pandemic for us to get here?’. A growing market of strong virtual add ons and alternatives to meeting physically have seen the light of day initiated by event industry companies who was under extreme financial pressure caused by lockdowns and restrictions. What is particularly interesting is seeing the high-speed evolution from what is possible with technology to how multidimensional solutions activate several senses that stimulate basic human needs and joys of experiencing, awarding the fair owner or conference host with previously unseen return of investment in terms of participation numbers, attendee interaction, involvement and quality of data for continuous sales work, cascading, etc.

Embrace a hybrid future

So, if anyone is thinking about whether they should wait for normal times to come back, do not wait! Spend your time considering how to embrace a hybrid future. And do not just think about how to scale events, work with data and sales leads, or how to spend the time you save by not having to travel occasionally will have not travelling but acting sustainable. Also think hard about choosing thew right platform, because it may be a game changer for your business. It is vital for all KPI’s that the scope is to create the most relevant, entertaining, surprising and comfortable user experience possible.

Scan the market, and you will find that the difference is huge, and the price and quality of the experience do not go hand in hand.

*Event technology



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