Virtual Hive was founded upon a vision to combine state-of-the-art event technology with the most engaging and fulfilling user experiences based on extensive knowledge of human behavior.

The Virtual Hive platform has continuously proven to be a strong online tool that excites and engages attendees, and drives business growth for companies and event organizers.

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Experience live keynote speakers on the main stage, and interact with stall owners that present various products and services. Participate in live events that are streamed throughout the day. Join breakout rooms to participate in workshops and talks.

Get live updates and inspiration from the virtual TV studio and news ticker network, and socialize with other attendees. Access sessions and presentations on demand 24/7.

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Our standard design enables the organizer to host a fair or conference in a large virtual venue. It has already been recognized for its architectural design, nordic-style lighting and contemporary atmosphere. It is quick, easy and intuitive to integrate brand and promotional material into the platform, and choosing a fully customized design will turn it into your office, headquarters, etc. There is no place or atmosphere our tech and design wizards cannot create.

Contact us to get inspiration for your next virtual event, and see some of the many customized solutions we have done for our customers for yourself.

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The Virtual Hive Dashboard supplies real-time data to conference and fair owners about visitors, user journeys, interactions, and much more.

We specialize in all types of communication and presentation tools, and are happy to discuss your objectives and needs.

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Many of our customers are used to certain preferred registration, communication or workshop tools, many of which are already integrated into the Virtual Hive product. Virtual Hive supports easy integration among other things through an open API.

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