January 29 2021

Understanding Virtual Meeting Technology

What is the difference between live streaming and Webinar Platform? Find out below!

By Morten Hovendahl
Partner at Virtual Hive

Live Streaming vs. Webinar Platform

Over the past years, we at Agenda Group have excelled in virtual meetings and conferences. In the process, we have come across many clients, vendors and partners – both newbies and pros in the field. Evidently, some have a hard time distinguishing between “live streaming” and “webinar platform”.

Below, we will explain the difference between live streaming and Webinar Platform.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a common term for sending live pictures and sound, via the internet, to your participants. You can live stream by using your phone, using professional broadcast equipment and everything in between those two. The more complex your live stream is, the more equipment and support you will need.

The most popular platforms to broadcast via are Facebook Live, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch.

The most important part of your live streaming is sound, so make sure that it works well! Live streaming is one-way-communication, but usually it is supported by a chat function to engage the audience.

At Agenda Group, we recommend always engaging with your audience when you live stream. To easily manage streaming and interaction, you can send your live stream to a Webinar Platform. The platform allows you to instantly interact with your participants and vice versa. Each platform is unique, and it is common to find platforms offering chats, polls, Q&A’s, downloads, etc.

Such platforms give you the chance to build relationships with your participants, delve deeper into topics, and build your brand.

The majority of the Webinar Platforms send picture and sound slightly delayed (15 – 45 seconds). The reason for this is that the platform uses the delay to “pack the data nicely” to ensure high resolution picture, e.g. 720 p.

The Webinar Platforms normally supply live streaming as part of their solution, so you don’t have to use any streaming software along with your platform.

As an added bonus, a recording in high-quality is automatically available on-demand after your streaming. Low-cost content that can be reused to prolong the value of your streaming.

Here are a few of the top Googled Webinar Platforms on the market:


Agenda Group recommend the Danish company, Twentythree, because it is easy to use, and they supply great data tracking on your live streaming and on-demand. In addition, the data is nicely delivered in a manageable dashboard, but we can work with all platforms on the market.

If you want to know more about choosing the right live streaming solution or Webinar platform to exact your need, please reach out to us.



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