Let’s meet in hybrid experiences

Experience and enjoy the most exciting and intuitive conference & fair environment in the world. Virtual Hive is flexible and modular because no conference or fair is alike. We encourage all clients to talk to us about their individual needs and customization.


Intuitive navigation makes it easy but explorative to browse around the venue


Experience live keynote speakers on main stage with the possibility to interact
Visit stands that present various products and services
Engage with stand owners
Participate and interact in live events that are streamed throughout the day Join breakout rooms to participate in workshops and talks
Get live updates and inspiration from the virtualTV studio and news ticker
Network and socialize with other attendees
Access sessions and presentations on demand 24/7


Standard design gives the possibility to host a fair or conference in the largest and perhaps most famous venue I Scandinavia Bella. It is known for its architecture, Nordic light and contemporary atmosphere.
Customized design gives you the possibility to be wherever in the world or fantasy you want to be. There is not the place or atmosphere our tech and design wizards cannot create. Contact us to be inspired and see what we have done for many of our clients.


Virtual Hive Data supplies with real time dashboard delivering relevant data to fair/congress owner about ie. visitors, visitor paths, time spend and interactions.

We are specialists in all kinds of communication and presentation tools. Let’s discuss your objectives and need


We are missionaries of flexibility and therefore integration with external API’s. Many of our clients are used to work with certain communication or workshop tools, and they should be able to integrate them in Virtual Hive.