Your organisation could save between €36,000 and €56,000 on just one event

Virtual platform are a cost-effective alternative and/or complement to physical events

Unlocking cost savings with a virtual experience platform for knowledge sharing. 

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, knowledge sharing is more crucial than ever. However, the costs associated with hosting physical conferences can be a significant roadblock. This is where the advantages of a virtual experience come into play. Leveraging a meeting experience platform like ours is not only an on-demand solution but also a significant cost-saving strategy.



The Financial Burden of Physical Conferences

Let's first break down the average costs of organizing a traditional physical conference:

  • Venue Rental: €5,000-€20,000
  • Speaker Fees + Travel and Accommodation: €3,000-€5,000 per speaker
  • Participant Travel and Accommodation: €300-€1,000 per attendee
  • Catering: €15,000-€30,000
  • Audio/Visual Equipment: €5,000
  • Marketing and Print Material: €2,000
  • Staffing: €5,000
  • Miscellaneous Costs: €3,000-€5,000 (badges, wi-fi, insurance, etc.)

The conservative total for a medium-sized physical conference is approximately €50,000-€70,000. These costs can be even higher for larger events or more upscale venues.





Unveiling the Cost-Effectiveness of a Virtual Experience Platform

Now, let's compare these costs to investing in our meeting experience platform, which starts at €10,000 for the entry package. Here's a quick breakdown:

The total expenditure is roughly €14,000, making it an incredibly cost-effective alternative.



Concrete Savings and Intangible Benefits

So, what's the bottom line? By opting for a virtual event, your organisation could save between €36,000 and €56,000 on just one event. That’s significant, but let's not forget the less tangible advantages. Our meeting experience platform offers features like real-time analytics and audience engagement tools, contributing to a rich virtual experience. Moreover, it serves as an on-demand solution, enabling your attendees to participate from anywhere in the world, thereby broadening your event’s reach.

The virtual experience also opens the door to greater accessibility and inclusivity. People who may not have been able to travel to a physical event can now participate and contribute to the knowledge sharing process.


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A Tailored Solution to Knowledge Sharing

The versatility of a virtual experience platform makes it adaptable to various forms of knowledge sharing - be it webinars, workshops, or collaborative projects. Its real-time and on-demand solution capabilities also make it an ideal platform for ongoing training and development. Some would argue that it is the same as a regular website but there definitely a difference between the two - you can read more about the differences between a virtual platform and a regular website here.



Final Thoughts

Budgets are always a concern, but when evaluated against the ROI, the case for a meeting experience platform becomes compelling. By investing in our virtual experience technology, your organisation will not only save significant money but also make a long-term strategic investment that promises substantial returns in saved time, increased productivity, and, most importantly, effective knowledge sharing.

When considering a transition to a virtual experience platform, it's important to note that going digital doesn't have to mean saying goodbye to physical events altogether. In fact, the two can coexist in a harmonious synergy, enriching your overall knowledge-sharing ecosystem.

Think of your physical event as the grand premiere, a highly curated experience where networking and idea exchange occur in real-time. Meanwhile, the virtual platform serves as an extended runway and afterlife for the event. Content can be made available for on-demand access, allowing those who couldn’t attend in person to benefit from the shared knowledge. Moreover, discussions and collaborations can continue long after the physical event has wrapped up, keeping the momentum going and adding longevity to your investment. 

Imagine teasing your upcoming physical event with exclusive content or early-bird workshops on your virtual platform. The excitement and engagement begin even before the actual event, making for a richer, more immersive experience.

So, as you weigh your options, remember that embracing our virtual experience platform isn't about replacing your physical events; it's about enhancing them. It's about creating a more versatile, accessible, and long-lasting knowledge-sharing universe.


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Create Your Knowledge-Sharing Universe Now and Propel Your Organisation Into the Future

In a world where remote work and global collaborations are becoming the norm, the value of seamless knowledge sharing has never been greater. It's the backbone of innovation, team cohesion, and competitive edge. Imagine the power of unlocking these benefits through a digital platform tailored to your organisation's needs.

When you invest in a virtual experience, you're not just embracing a trend; you're setting your business on a path toward enhanced team engagement, enriched customer relationships, and a more streamlined operational structure. All of this translates into a higher degree of efficiency and more room for growth and innovation. If you are still not convinced, you are not alone, which is why we have made this page with the most frequent objections for not taking advantage of a virtual knowledge sharing community

So, are these the kind of results you envision for your organisation? Let's turn that vision into reality. Reach out to our team to discover the transformative potential of our platform for your business. Book a demodemo or take a product tour today, and step into the future of effective knowledge sharing.