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Pricing Plans

Your Business

Connect strategy to on-the-ground execution and give people clarity on what they should do, how, and why. Regardless of the license chosen, we are with you all the way and include onboarding, event support, and help in all of our offerings.

Annual billing only


1 Large Conference
1 Event Registration
1 Event Landing Page
1 Branded Reception
1 Embedded Program
1 Content Library
Branded Auditorium
3 Branded Rooms
1.000 Attendees*
240K video min/Ttl**
1 Networking Module
Integrated Video
2H System Setup

Single Event

For businesses that want to host a single event for up to 1,000 attendees and are seeking an advanced meeting and presentation experience. 


24/7 Content Hub
Event Registration
1 Event Landing Page
1 Branded Reception
1 Embedded Program
Content Library
Branded Auditorium
Branded Rooms
2.500 Attendees*
60K video min/mo**
1 Networking Module
Integrated Video
5H System Setup


Designed for regular engagement and knowledge-sharing of key stakeholders through a continual content hub beyond just single events.


Contact usContact us
24/7 Content Hub
Event Registration
Event Landing Page
Branded Reception
1 Embedded Program
Content Library
Branded Auditorium
10+ Branded Rooms
5.000+ Attendees*
90K+ video min/mo**
Networking Module
Integrated Video
10H System Setup


The customised package for larger organisations expecting high attendee traffic who need to disseminate content effectively for everyone.

*This is the number of attendees that can be on the platform at the same time. Extra attendees are possible at an additional cost.
**Video participant minutes for native video conferencing solution are included monthly for Pro Lite, Pro, and Enterprise plans, or as a total package for Core plans. Additional native video minutes are available at €6 per 1.000 extra minutes. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Vimeo can be embedded into the platform for free.

Pro Lite




Registration and Entry
Event Signup
Landing Page
Built-in Agenda
Branded Emails
Program and Content
Live Meetings
Gallery & Intros
Link Hotspots
News Ticker
iframe Module
Content Library
Storage Included
25 GB
25 GB
50 GB
100 GB
Branding and Venues
Welcome Desk
Breakout Rooms
Exhibition Hall
Expo Booths
Capacity and Networking
# of Attendees
Experience Panel
Video & Streaming
Teams Option
Zoom Option
Vimeo Option
Native Video Tool
Native Video min.
15.000 min/mo
240.000 min/total
90.000+ min/mo
Access and Language Support
Single Sign-On
Live Interpretation
Language Support
English View 🇺🇸
Mandarin View 🇨🇳
French View 🇫🇷
German View 🇩🇪
Italian View 🇮🇹
Danish View 🇩🇰
Extra Views 🇺🇳
Design Options
CSV Data Export
Custom Scenes
Parallel Hubs
System Setup
1 hour
2 hours
5 hours
10 hours
Ongoing Support
Priority Email
Dedicated Manager
Custom SLA
Response Time
2 business days
1 business day
1 business day
Event Advisory
1 hour
4 hours
10 hours
20 hours
Event Backup
Prices may be subject to change due to customisation requirements and will be determined by the final contract between Virtual Hive and the customer.

Virtual Knowledge Sharing

Four Steps for Your Success

Plan, execute, measure, and adapt your knowledge sharing strategy


Project scoping to facilitate how we work together to finalise the approved project description.

Scoping & Design

3D design and elements adapted to the agreed customer journey. Platform configuration starts.

Platform Set-up

Uploading content to library, naming navigational hotspots, and setting up the breakout rooms.

Test & LaunchPlatform configuration is tested, possible integrations finalised, and prepared upcoming launch

Your Insurance

With wide experience rooted in 20+ years of event management, we’ve been off with a good start

3K+ Events launched
413K+ Pieces of content uploaded
1M+ Hours played on the platform
1H 21M Avg. user time per month
Two Routes
How to Build Your Own NetflixTM️ for business partners_ 2-1
Knowledge Sharing 2.0


Background pattern with brain to symbolise immersive and effective knowledge sharing experience-2

Product Tour

Scale Your Knowledge Sharing.
Control the Narrative and the Costs.

⚡ Fast Sign-up
⏱️ Instant Answers
✅ No Credit Card Required
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Old vs. New

Another Perspective

Old Way

Branded screen sharing and website extensions with option to change logo, fonts, and colour palette.

New Way

Animated and branded 3D environment where frame of mind and feelings is greatly persuaded.

Cadence of events
Always-on portal
Relationship building
Transaction of knowledge
American servers
Multi-tenancy & GDPR
Siloed for Event
Flow to tech-stack
Default scenes
Custom & standard skins
All event formats
Selected event formats
Branded 2D
Animated & branded 3D
Same content for all
Recommended content
Occurs simultaneously
Can happen unsynchronised
Mixed energy
Renewable energy
Virtual Advantages

Benefits You Will Also Achieve

Matthew Archibald, Global Brand Manager, Bayer AG
Matthew ArchibaldGlobal Brand Manager, Bayer AG

"We simulated an in-person product launch 1:1 in a branded virtual setting, and with a few clicks, attendees were able to join a global, real-time community, where people met and interacted just like at a physical event, but without the flights, taxi rides, venues and hotel stays."

Lise Walbum
Lise WalbumCEO, Food Nation, under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

"We have developed a virtual universe that aims to serve as an online visitor center and meeting place for international stakeholders seeking information."

Jacob Størling, Relationship Manager, Danske Speditører
Jacob StørlingRelationship Manager, Danish Freight Forwarders
“We’ve hosted countless webinars on Teams and Zoom, but needed a more immersive environment, which would amp up attendee engagement and enjoyment.”
Lisa Burchardi profile picture
Lisa BurchardiMarketing Operations & Event Manager, Configit

"Our summit was cost-effective, significantly widened our reach, and brought us valuable attendee data and analytics – elements an in-person summit would never be able to deliver."

Edgar Duque, Group Production Development Manager, Andritz
Edgar DuqueGroup Production Development Manager, Andritz

"It allowed us to design an interactive and educational always-on learning universe that continues to inspire employees, and introduce them to our company and culture."

Lars Henriksen, Copenhagen Pride
Lars HenriksenChairman of the Board, Copenhagen Pride

"We made sure that you can participate from home if you’re not comfortable showing up in real life."

Client logo_ Carlsberg Group
Shirleen PaixinProject Lead, Carlsberg

"We were supported with an outstanding virtual platform and the team made sure that our global leadership event was executed to perfection."

Matthew Archibald, Global Brand Manager, Bayer AG
Matthew ArchibaldGlobal Brand Manager, Bayer AG
"Our product launch more than doubled the expected attendee numbers, we reduced carbon footprint by 67%, and gained valuable attendee data and analytics – all for a fraction of the price compared to a physical event."
Søren Nielsen, undervisningsministeriet 1
Søren NielsenDirector of Office, The Danish Ministry of Education

"We successfully merged two physical events into one virtual experience."

Jacob Størling, Relationship Manager, Danske Speditører
Jacob StørlingRelationship Manager, Danish Freight Forwarders
“Even though we used just 10% of the features, our webinar got a solid upgrade!”
Lotte Månsson, Managing Director, Nykredit
Lotte MånssonManaging Director, Nykredit

"We had a virtual 3D universe designed for our private banking elite customers with lots of great and engaging content."

Lise Walbum
Lise WalbumCEO, Food Nation, under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

"Our universe is open 24/7, and it is possible to book a guided tour and conduct webinars and meetings on the platform."


Get Your Answers Here

How do I sign up?

Choose a plan above to get started. We will ask you for a few basic contact details prior to a specialist call. This is your guarantee that the platform is suited to your specific needs. Then you’re in.

Do you have a service-level agreement (SLA)?

For teams with greater than 100 members, we can offer a custom SLA. Contact sales to learn more. 

Can you customise a plan to me?
Yes. As we handle both the needs of small and large clients, we are used to customise plans to suit the specific business needs. Examples of customisation could be custom-designed environments (unique scenes), extra languages, differentiated content for specific segments, extra administrators, multiple parallel events, integrations, etc.
Is there a limit to the number of attendees I can invite?

Each plan comes with a number of simultaneous attendees/day included, and has its own maximum monthly attendee limit. 

If you need more than 25,000 attendees/month, contact our sales team, to create a custom plan tailored to your business.

Can I get help in setting up the platform?
Yes. Each license has 'event help' included which is typically a good way to get up to speed on the capabilities of the platform, get inspired for visual layouts, getting an overview of how to structure the given event, and likewise. As we have organised events for +20 years, we can confidently strategise on your event, and can easily direct you to some of our trusted partners for further guidance.
How do I cancel my plan? Your Virtual Hive license will automatically renew until you cancel it. You can cancel your subscription by contacting us on After you cancel, you’ll still have access to all the paid features until the end of your billing cycle.

No-Strings-Attached Demo

Got questions about Virtual Hive and its capabilities? Our team is here to help. Contact us for quick and friendly support. You can also learn about the platform in the sandbox demo here.
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