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International and cross-border enterprises


Companies can thrive and achieve sustainable success on an international scale when they navigate regulatory landscapes, bridge cultural divides, coordinate operations, address legal considerations, and build trust in global markets.
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Successfully Navigating the Maze of Globalisation and Differences

In the world of cross-border companies, embracing the challenges of enabling, training, and nurturing business connections is essential for unlocking the vast opportunities presented by a global marketplace. By navigating regulatory landscapes, bridging cultural divides, coordinating operations across borders, addressing legal considerations, and building trust in global markets, cross-border companies can thrive and achieve sustainable success on an international scale.


Cross-border companies operating in various industries encounter a unique set of challenges when it comes to enabling, training, and nurturing business connections. In the dynamic landscape of global business, where borders are transcended, markets are diverse, and cultures vary, forging meaningful relationships with stakeholders across different jurisdictions requires navigating a maze of complexities. 

Navigating the Regulatory Maze: In the realm of cross-border companies, regulatory frameworks of different countries present a labyrinth of compliance requirements. While essential for maintaining legal and ethical practices, these regulations can pose hurdles to seamless business connections. Companies must adeptly navigate this maze, understanding the intricacies of each jurisdiction's compliance landscape, and striking a balance between compliance and connectivity to foster fruitful relationships with partners, customers, and employees.

Cultural Bridges and Communication Gaps: Cultural diversity is both a blessing and a challenge for cross-border companies. While it enriches the global business landscape, it also creates communication gaps that can hinder effective knowledge sharing and collaboration. Successfully bridging these gaps requires cultural sensitivity, adaptability, and the use of advanced communication technologies that transcend language barriers and facilitate meaningful interactions. By nurturing an environment of mutual understanding, cross-border companies can foster connections that bridge cultures and promote collaboration.

Operational Coordination Across Borders: Operating in multiple countries means managing diverse teams, supply chains, and business processes. The coordination and alignment of operations across borders can be a daunting task. Cross-border companies must leverage technology-driven solutions, such as virtual collaboration platforms and supply chain management systems, to ensure seamless communication, efficient workflow, and effective coordination across different locations. By streamlining operations and optimizing cross-border processes, companies can enhance productivity, reduce costs, and strengthen their global presence.

Legal and Contractual Considerations: Cross-border business relationships often involve complex legal and contractual considerations. Navigating different legal systems, international trade agreements, and contractual obligations requires expertise in cross-border law and an understanding of the nuances specific to each jurisdiction. Companies must engage legal professionals experienced in international business transactions to ensure compliance, mitigate legal risks, and establish secure and mutually beneficial relationships with partners and stakeholders.

Building Trust in Global Markets: Trust is the cornerstone of successful cross-border business connections. Establishing trust in unfamiliar markets and among diverse stakeholders is a vital but intricate endeavour. Cross-border companies must invest in reputation management, adhere to the highest ethical standards, and demonstrate their commitment to delivering value and fostering long-term relationships. By building a strong foundation of trust, companies can expand their global reach, attract new customers, and forge strategic partnerships that drive growth.

Unlocking the Vast Opportunities

Cross-border companies must demonstrate
their commitment to delivering value

"Amidst the complexities of cross-border business, successful companies embrace the challenges of enabling, training, and nurturing connections across diverse markets and cultures. By navigating regulatory mazes, bridging communication gaps, coordinating operations, addressing legal considerations, and building trust, they unlock the boundless potential of a global marketplace."

Sofie Colding, Customer Success Manager, Virtual Hive
Sofie ColdingCustomer Success Manager, Virtual Hive
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Logistics and Shipping
  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Retail

Distributing Consumer Products

External: FMCG companies can leverage virtual experience platforms to offer virtual product demonstrations, allowing customers to experience the features and benefits of products remotely. They can host virtual product launches and interactive brand experiences can engage consumers worldwide, generating buzz and driving sales. Furthermore, virtual sampling programs can provide customers with a digital experience of trying out products, encouraging purchase decisions.
InternalVirtual experience platforms enable FMCG companies to conduct virtual training programs for employees, ensuring consistent product knowledge and sales techniques across international teams. Furthermore, virtual collaboration tools facilitate seamless communication and information sharing among global teams, enhancing collaboration on product development, marketing strategies, and supply chain management.

Experiences to Travellers Worldwide

External: Virtual experience platforms enable hotels and travel agencies to provide virtual tours of accommodations, attractions, and destinations, giving potential travellers a realistic preview and enticing them to book. Virtual reality experiences can transport travellers to different locations, immersing them in unique cultural experiences before their trip. Virtual event platforms can host virtual trade shows, conferences, and destination showcases, connecting tourism stakeholders with global partners and buyers.
Internal: For the hospitality and tourism industry, virtual experience platforms provide training modules and simulations for hospitality employees, enhancing their skills in customer service, language proficiency, and cultural awareness to cater to diverse international guests. Virtual internal communication platforms enable real-time collaboration among dispersed teams, streamlining operations, and ensuring efficient guest management across international locations.

Facilitating Global Trade

External: Virtual experience platforms can offer real-time shipment tracking, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their packages and gain visibility into the logistics process. Virtual collaboration tools facilitate seamless communication between shipping providers, customs agents, and clients, ensuring smooth cross-border operations. Virtual supply chain management platforms provide end-to-end visibility and transparency, optimising inventory management and reducing logistical complexities.
InternalVirtual experience platforms offer virtual training sessions for logistics and shipping employees, improving their knowledge of international trade regulations, customs procedures, and efficient supply chain management. Virtual document management systems streamline internal processes, allowing for efficient sharing and retrieval of shipping documents, invoices, and customs declarations across global teams.

Providing Consulting, Auditing, and Advisory services

External: Virtual experience platforms enable professional services firms to deliver virtual consulting sessions, allowing clients to access expert advice and guidance remotely. Virtual workshops and training programs can be conducted, providing clients with valuable insights and knowledge sharing without the need for physical presence. Virtual project collaboration platforms facilitate real-time collaboration and document sharing, enabling global teams to work together efficiently on international projects.
InternalVirtual experience platforms facilitate virtual team meetings, enabling seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing among professionals working in different regions. Virtual project management tools provide a centralised platform for tracking project progress, assigning tasks, and monitoring deliverables, ensuring efficient project execution across international teams.

Extensive International Operations

External: Virtual experience platforms empower banks and financial institutions to offer virtual banking services, allowing customers to manage accounts, conduct transactions, and seek financial advice remotely. Virtual meetings and webinars can facilitate cross-border communication between financial advisors and clients, enabling personalised consultations and fostering trust. Virtual investment platforms provide global investors with access to international markets, enabling them to make informed investment decisions and diversify their portfolios.
Internal: For financial institutions, virtual experience platforms can offer a source-of-truth for virtual training and certification programs for financial services professionals, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate international financial markets and regulatory frameworks. Virtual collaboration platforms enable global financial teams to work together on complex transactions, securely sharing sensitive information, and ensuring compliance with international regulations.

Distributing Medications and Healthcare Products worldwide

External: For pharma, they can conduct virtual conferences and webinars, connecting with healthcare professionals, researchers, and industry experts worldwide to share knowledge and advancements in medical research. With virtual patient education platforms, pharma can provide accessible and interactive resources for patients, offering information about medications, treatment options, and disease management, regardless of geographical location. Moreover, virtual clinical trial platforms allow pharmaceutical companies to engage with international patient populations, facilitating remote participation and data collection, leading to more diverse and representative clinical trial results.
InternalVirtual experience platforms support remote collaboration and communication among research and development teams, enabling global pharmaceutical companies to accelerate drug discovery and development. With virtual training programs and knowledge-sharing sessions, pharma companies can ensure consistent learning experiences for employees across different regions. Also, virtual clinical trials and patient simulations streamline the research and testing process, reducing costs and improving efficiency in drug development.

Catering to a Global Customer Base

External: Virtual experience platforms enable automotive manufacturers to provide virtual showrooms and configurators, allowing potential customers from different countries to explore and customise vehicles before making a purchase decision. 2D virtual test drive experiences allow customers to virtually experience the performance and features of cars, enabling international customers to make informed decisions without physically visiting the dealership. Virtual customer support platforms provide global customers with real-time assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance on vehicle features and maintenance, ensuring a seamless ownership experience.
Internal: The automotive industry can conduct virtual product launches and showcase new car models to a global audience. With virtual reality simulations they can enhance employee training in manufacturing, assembly, and service processes, ensuring standardisation and efficiency across international operations.Furthermore, virtual showrooms and configurators allow customers to customise and visualise their desired vehicles, enhancing the car-buying experience remotely, both for the benefit of customers and employees.

Providing Products and Services to Customers Worldwide

External: Technology companies can host virtual product launches and demonstrations, reaching a global audience and showcasing the latest innovations without the limitations of physical events. With virtual training and certification programs, tech companies can provide international customers with self-paced learning modules and assessments, empowering them to acquire expertise in using software, hardware, or digital solutions. Furthermore, virtual developer communities and forums foster global collaboration among technology enthusiasts, allowing developers from different regions to exchange ideas, share best practices, and collectively drive innovation.
Internal: Facilitate virtual conferences, allows technology companies to connect with global audiences, present new products, and engage in networking and knowledge sharing. With virtual training programs and certification courses, they can equip employees and partners with the necessary skills and expertise to support international customers. Moreover, cirtual testing and development environments enable software companies to collaborate globally, ensuring the compatibility and performance of their products across diverse markets.

Exploring, Producing, and Distributing

External: Energy companies can be enabled to offer virtual tours of power plants, renewable energy facilities, or offshore installations, giving international stakeholders an immersive and informative experience without the need for physical visits. With energy monitoring systems already in place, these can be projected in a virtual platform and provide real-time energy consumption data and analytics to international clients, enabling them to optimise energy usage and identify efficiency opportunities across multiple locations. Virtual energy consultation platforms connect energy experts with global businesses, offering remote energy assessments, customised recommendations, and strategic planning for sustainability initiatives.
Internal: Supporting remote monitoring and control of energy infrastructure across different locations, ensuring optimal operations and maintenance. With virtual collaboration tools global energy companies can be enabled to coordinate projects, share data, and collaborate on international renewable energy initiatives. This goes hand in hand with virtual training and simulation programs made to enhance the skills and knowledge of employees in the energy sector, improving safety, and operational efficiency.

Reaching Consumers Globally

External: Retailers can create immersive virtual shopping experiences, allowing customers worldwide to browse complex products online with interactive features, personalised recommendations, and expert domain knowledge. Virtual customer engagement platforms can also facilitate real-time customer support through chat, video calls, or virtual assistants, providing personalised assistance, resolving inquiries, and building customer loyalty across different regions.
Internal: For retailers, virtual experience platforms enable international retailers to offer virtual shopping experiences, where customers can browse and have an extended experience of the products online. Virtual pop-up stores and exhibitions can reach global audiences, showcasing new collections and driving brand engagement without the need for physical stores. Virtual customer support platforms provide personalised assistance to global customers, enhancing their shopping experience and ensuring timely resolution of inquiries.

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Also Unlocking Success for Regulated Industries, Meeting-Intensive Businesses, and Long Sales Cycle Products.

Regulated industries iconRegulated Industries

Reinforce essential knowledge and skills, streamline compliance processes, and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

Meeting-Driven Businesses iconMeeting-Intensive Businesses

Enhancing operational efficiency and content alignment with a central platform for meeting, communication, and consistent messaging.

Product with long sales cycleLong sales cycles

Educate the industry, showcase complex features, and provide interactive demos that accelerate the buying process.

Why choose?

Virtual Enablement Benefits for Specific Stakeholders in Cross-Border Companies

Unlocking the potential of virtual enablement is like opening a treasure chest of opportunities for stakeholders in cross-border companies. With virtual platforms at their fingertips, stakeholders can transcend boundaries, connect effortlessly, and drive remarkable outcomes. The new era of virtual enablement brings stakeholders in cross-border companies closer than ever before, unlocking new levels of connectivity, collaboration, and growth.


Customers: Embark on a virtual journey that transcends borders. With virtual platforms, customers can dive into captivating experiences, exploring products and services from the comfort of their homes. Imagine virtually stepping into a bustling marketplace in a foreign country, browsing through a vibrant array of goods, and interacting with knowledgeable virtual assistants who guide you through the purchase process. Virtual platforms offer customers the thrill of discovering new cultures, engaging with brands across continents, and enjoying personalised shopping experiences tailored to their unique tastes and preferences.

Employees: Unleash the power of a global workforce united through virtual collaboration. International employees can break down barriers and collaborate seamlessly, leveraging virtual tools that transcend time zones and geographical constraints. Picture a virtual workspace where diverse talents converge, brainstorming ideas, sharing expertise, and fostering innovation. With virtual training programs, employees from different corners of the world can access cutting-edge resources and skill-building opportunities, empowering them to grow professionally and stay ahead of the game. Whether it's a virtual hackathon, a cross-border brainstorming session, or a virtual celebration of achievements, the possibilities for connection and collaboration are limitless.

Partners: Forge alliances that defy boundaries and unlock new horizons through virtual partnerships. International business partners can join forces on virtual platforms, exchanging ideas, knowledge, and resources to amplify their collective impact. Envision a dynamic virtual ecosystem where partners collaborate on joint marketing campaigns, co-create innovative solutions, and tap into new markets together. With virtual enablement, partners gain access to a treasure trove of sales enablement resources, training modules, and best practices, nurturing their expertise and driving mutual success. From virtual trade shows that transcend physical limitations to shared virtual workspaces that foster real-time collaboration, the world becomes a smaller place for partners to thrive and create extraordinary outcomes.

You want to meet physically but not when it could be done digitally
Adhering to Strict Standards

Regulated Industries

Oftentimes, they’re publicly listed companies and must adhere to strict standards and ethical business practices while often being subject to extensive government oversight. Being frequently in the public eye and subject to intense scrutiny from consumers, stakeholders, and regulators, companies within regulated industries typically have global operations and presence thus must navigate complex cross-border regulations and cultural differences.

Governed Sectors Navigating complex and ethical practices
Balancing Efficiency and Profitability

Meeting-Driven businesses

Meeting-driven businesses have a high frequency of meetings, with employees often attending multiple meetings each day. Meetings are seen as an essential part of the company's operations and important decisions often rely on meetings as the primary forum for discussion, deliberation, and consensus-building. While meeting-intensive companies rely heavily on meetings, there is also a recognition of the need for efficiency.

Improving Operational Efficiencies

Long Sales Cycle Products

Usually, these companies have complex or pioneering products that they need to educate their respective industry about, all while relying on intellectual property protection to maintain a competitive advantage. There are high customer expectations for quality, reliability, and service, and these businesses leverage big data and analytics to gain insights into customer behaviour, improve operational efficiencies, and develop new products.

Advanced Products Shifting customer behaviour and preferences

Eco-Friendly Data Centers

Towards a Sustainable
Digital Future

Environmental & sustainable data centres on renewable energy sources

The internet is a major contributor to global CO2 emissions. The infrastructure that supports our digital landscape requires a significant amount of energy to function. As we spend more time online, it is important to consider the environmental impact of our actions. By utilising renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, to power data centers, we can work towards reducing carbon emissions.

The partnership with a public cloud platform based in Sweden (ISO 14001 certified) that runs entirely on renewable green electricity, together with the fact that both Virtual Hive and our business partner pay tax in our respective Nordic countries, you're actively work with good sustainability, ethics and morals.

Our Swedish cloud partner has been registered as a Green Provider by the Green Web Foundation* where companies must meet certain criteria. For cloud providers, this means that both infrastructure and services are powered by renewable energy. For individual companies, simply having the distinction is sufficient. This means that any company using Virtual Hive to host or operate their events, meetings, and conferences automatically meets the criteria for labelling their web services as green.

*The Green Web Foundation, a Dutch initiative, aims to create a fossil-free internet by 2030. Over the past decade, the organization has developed an open infrastructure to measure and support the transition to a fossil-free internet. This includes managing an open data set to confirm the use of renewable energy by websites. The Green Web Foundation also registers and labels websites and providers as "green" based on their use of renewable energy sources for their services.

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