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Access & Languages

Bayer 2023 Management conference in both English and French - English Edition
English Translation
Bayer 2023 Management conference in both English and French - French Edition
French Translation

Global Market Access

Global Market Access

Language support enables companies to reach a global audience by providing content in multiple languages. This capability is crucial for companies looking to expand their market reach and connect with international clients.


Customised User Experience

Customised User Experience

By offering program items, hotspots, and speaker introductions in the languages most relevant to their audience, companies can enhance the user experience. Accurate and relevant translations ensure that all participants can fully engage with the content.


Flexible Language Options

Flexible Language Options

The platform supports up to four languages as part of the licence, with additional options available at an extra cost. This flexibility allows production companies to cater to the specific linguistic needs of their audience, ensuring effective communication and engagement.

Language Support

Ensuring broader reach, improved communication, and inclusivity

Instantly switch between English and French - check out this example.
Anonymous Access

Enhance Privacy and Lower Barriers

Allow users to explore features without logging in, enhancing privacy and encouraging engagement.

Shipcos breakout lobby



Danish, French, Italian, English, German, or maybe Mandarin?

All texts entered by the customer, such as hotspots, programme items, and speaker intros, are covered by this support. 

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Multilingual Capabilities

Flexible Language Options

Our platform supports multiple languages for inclusivity and broader reach. Enter texts like hotspots and program items in multiple languages, for instance Danish, French, Italian, English, German, and Mandarin. Upload content in both desired languages to ensure accurate translations.

Add translation in Virtual Hive
Start localising your content for enhanced knowledge sharing
Access & Language

Flexible and Inclusive
Platform Management

Each license includes a set number of administrators who can manage event content. The main platform admin has the authority to invite other admins and assign specific rights. Stand admins can be designated to manage individual booths. Permissions are flexible, allowing for specific tasks like handling emails and creating meetings, while regular attendees have no differentiated access.

The platform offers anonymous access, letting users explore features without logging in, enhancing privacy and encouraging engagement. Aggregated data ensures user interactions and statistics are collected without associating them with individual identities, providing valuable insights while maintaining privacy. Note that login and anonymous access cannot be combined on the same platform.

The platform supports multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity. Basic configuration includes translations in Danish, French, Italian, English, German, and Mandarin, allowing program items and speaker introductions to be presented in various languages. Additional language options are available at extra cost. Content must be uploaded in each desired language for accurate translations.

The admin menu can be divided and managed according to assigned roles, allowing for fine-grained control over platform functions. This structure ensures that each admin can focus on their specific responsibilities, enhancing overall event management and organisation.

Linguistic Inclusivity

How do you efficiently handle different linguistic speakers?

Ensure pre-translated content like Bayer AG or host with live translation like Velux
Use Cases

The Use Case for Your Needs


Each licence comes with a set number of administrators who can upload, change, and delete content for the specific event. In addition to the main platform admin, who has the authority to invite other admins and assign specific rights, stand admins can be designated to manage individual booths. The platform admin can grant fine-grained permissions, such as handling emails and creating meetings, allowing for a flexible division of responsibilities. Everyone else will be regular attendees with no differentiated access. The entire menu in the admin structure can be divided and managed according to the assigned roles.

Anonymous Access

Our platform offers the option for anonymous access, allowing users to explore and utilise features without the need to log in. This approach enhances user privacy and lowers the barrier to entry, encouraging more people to engage with the platform. Since there is no login process involved with anonymous access, all data output is aggregated.

This means that user interactions and usage statistics are collected in a way that does not associate the data with individual identities. Aggregating data ensures that insights can be drawn from user behaviour without compromising personal privacy, providing valuable information to improve the platform while maintaining user anonymity. It is important to note that you cannot combine login and anonymous access on the same platform. With anonymous access, all users are effectively "logged in" as the same user, and the data will be aggregated into a single overview.

# of Attendees

Usually our plans includes hosting up to 2.500 of attendees per month, ultimately providing a robust solution for medium to large-sized gatherings. If more attendees are required, it is possible to add more at an additional cost. Bear in mind that if the event needs two-streaming of a live presentation or something alike, there can potentially be extra costs associated with the video stream (see the section about video and streaming). 

Language Support

Our platform offers comprehensive language support to ensure a broader reach and inclusivity. All texts entered by the customer, such as hotspots, programme items, and speaker intros, are covered by this support. The basic configuration of the platform is translated into Danish, French, Italian, English, German, and Mandarin.

If you want the programme in, for example, English and French, the given content must be uploaded in both languages, ensuring accurate and relevant translations for your audience. Customers must enter the text in the desired languages to provide the appropriate translations.

English 🇺🇸
Mandarin 🇨🇳
Italian 🇮🇹
French 🇫🇷
German 🇩🇪
Danish 🇩🇰
Other Language? 🇺🇳
Just Click

Sometimes It's Just Sooo Easy

The multi-language functionality is a two-layer component that ensures a seamless experience for guests accessing virtual meetings through their browsers. It ensures that your content resonate with individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Change language settings easily in Virtual hive
Access All Markets

Efficient, Environmental, and Easy

Seamless User Experience

Multi-Language Functionality

The multi-language functionality ensures a seamless experience for guests accessing virtual meetings. Administrators can configure desired languages, with a default typically set to English, and enable additional languages like French, German, or Dutch.

Static components, such as menus and navigation, come with language bundles and dynamically adapt based on the user's browser settings. For example, if a German user accesses the meeting and German is enabled, the interface switches to German automatically.

Dynamic components, including navigational hotspots, can be customized in any language. Videos default to the primary language but can be uploaded in multiple languages and associated accordingly.

Real-world examples include Bayer AG’s Canadian entity using the multi-language model to serve French and English-speaking employees by embedding separate Vimeo™️ accounts for each language. Velux used Interprefy™️ to translate live-stream video/audio content into Italian, French, and German, allowing guests to select their preferred language or let the browser decide.

Registration & Entry

Branded Registration & Login Page

Collect essential information and preferences just like Food Nation if you do not prefer anonymous access. Customise form fields, add multimedia, and use keyword tags for personalised content routing. Support for UTM tracking and SSO integration enhances the registration process.

Branded registration and login page - in this example Food Nation


Effortless But Personalised

Branded Welcome Emails

Craft personalized, branded event emails with ease using our dual editing functionality. Choose the WYSIWYG editor for simplicity or HTML editing for precision. As shown, Shipco Transport created a branded email with an image, logo, welcome text, login credentials, and notes.
Shipcos welcome email to introduce their virtual meeting platform for their customer
Access All Markets

Efficient, Environmental, and Easy

Multi-Language Functionality

Simply Fostering Inclusivity

"As a backend developer, utilising the internet's many sources of inspiration, I truly believe that by enabling seamless content distribution and hosting knowledge sharing events in multiple languages, we foster inclusivity, drive engagement, and unlock limitless potential for

Torben Nürnberg Rasmussen profile picture, senior backend developer at Virtual Hive
Torben RasmussenSenior Backend Developer, Virtual Hive
Ensure A Better Experience

Rethink Global Digital Meetings

Companies need to offer digital meeting content in multiple languages. Employees, customers, and business partners prefer content in their native tongue, enhancing understanding and engagement. Embrace multilingual support for stronger relationships.

Breakout room used to finalise the Calantic conference
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