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Tie It Together

Integration & Hosting

Embed All, Integrate with Ease

Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with third-party tools like Interprefy, Miro, Slido, SurveyMonkey, Freshchat, and Kahoot to boost functionality and engagement. These integrations support language interpretation, interactive whiteboards, polls, quizzes, surveys, customer support, and interactive games, enhancing your event experience and post-event communications.


Efficient Customer Management

Efficient Customer Management

Connect with CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce for streamlined customer management. Utilise UTM support to track marketing campaigns, capturing valuable data during registration. This data helps optimise strategies and improve outcomes, ensuring effective and efficient management of customer interactions and marketing efforts.


Custom Hosting & Branding

Custom Hosting & Branding

Host your events on the secure and scalable MS Azure platform, utilising a Kubernetes-run micro-service engine for balanced availability. Benefit from partnerships with clean energy data centers, contributing to a greener digital landscape. Ensure compliance with EU data sovereignty and GDPR with strategically located servers. Create a custom, branded URL using your domain’s subdomain and enhance security and convenience with Single Sign-On (SSO) integration for multiple applications.

Secured Access

Single Sign-On (SSO)

By implementing SSO, companies can enhance security, streamline access, and maintain brand consistency, ultimately improving the overall user experience and operational efficiency.

Program and Content_ Access & Languages_ Anonymous Access_ User Privacy Assurance
Data and CRM integration from Virtual Hive
Data Privacy by Design

Data doesn't leave the EU

EU data sovereignty requires limiting cross-border transfers, making server location crucial. Located in Europe, our servers ensure privacy and security under GDPR.

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Platform Hosting

Robust Hosting with
MS Azure and Kubernetes

The Virtual Hive platform is hosted on MS Azure, using a micro-service based engine run by a Kubernetes cluster. As illustrated below, individual services (purple symbols) are deployed on virtual server nodes. Kubernetes ensures balanced availability and autoscaling, adjusting the number of services and nodes to meet current load demands.

Platform hosting_ Robust Hosting with MS Azure and Kubernetes-2
requested via the platform API, with each request limited to a specific time period. Push_ Selected tracking data is pushed to a 3. party API with a given frequency for a specific time period.
Integration & Hosting

Elevate with Integrations, Custom URLs, and Preferred Hosting

Our platform supports third-party integrations like Interprefy for live language interpretation, Miro for interactive whiteboards, Slido for polls and quizzes, SurveyMonkey for surveys, Freshchat for customer support, and Kahoot for interactive games. These tools enhance functionality and engagement. Ask us if we can embed your preferred third-party tool.

Integrate with CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce for efficient customer management. Track marketing campaigns with UTM support, capturing valuable data during registration to optimise strategies and improve outcomes. See more about this here.

The Virtual Hive platform is hosted on MS Azure with a Kubernetes-run micro-service engine, ensuring balanced availability and autoscaling. For EU data sovereignty and GDPR compliance, servers are strategically located. Climate-friendly options are available through a trusted Swedish partner.

Create a custom, branded URL for your hive using your domain's subdomain. Enhance security and convenience with Single Sign-On (SSO), allowing users to log in once to access multiple applications and integrate with providers like Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn.

Make It Yours

Customer Subdomain

Create a hive in Virtual Hive with a customer-defined URL like Alternatively, use your own domain's subdomain, such as, for a more personalised and branded experience.

Customer-defined URL
Use Cases

The Use Case for Your Needs

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Program and Content_ Access & Languages_ Anonymous Access_ User Privacy Assurance

Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies the login process, enhancing both user convenience and security. With SSO, users log in once to access multiple applications, reducing the need to manage multiple passwords. This centralised authentication, improving security by minimising password fatigue and reuse. IT departments benefit from reduced time spent on password resets. The login field background can be branded with your organisation's colours or an image, ensuring visual consistency and reinforcing brand trust. Additionally, SSO supports integration with multiple identity providers (open ID connect) like Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn, allowing users to choose their preferred and most secure login method.

Event Ticketing

Realistic ID Cards

If our registration, event analytics, and branded event emails aren't enough, you can further streamline ticket management and post-event communications with your preferred ticketing software. Please note, integrations come at an additional cost.


How the virtual experience platform works-2

The platform is a multitenant cloud SaaS platform meaning that a single instance of a software application (and its underlying database and hardware) serves multiple tenants (or user accounts). In the VH platform a user account equals a hive which can be accessed by an arbitrary number of visitors. 

At a very high level, the platform is composed of two web-based applications, one for hive administrators owing a license and one for guests invited into a specific hive. Both applications communicate with the platform engine mainly using http and websocket protocols. The engine is based on a micro-service architecture with specific services supporting different functionality.     

Third-Party Integrations

Example of embedding third-party technologies inside Virtual Hive - here it is Slido as an embedded chat

Our platform is designed with a flexible IT infrastructure that supports integration with a wide range of third-party applications, enhancing its efficiency and functionality. By integrating these tools, you can create a more seamless and interactive experience for your attendees. Here are some examples of the integrations we support and have previous experience with:

Interprefy: Integrate with Interprefy for real-time language interpretation. This ensures that attendees from different linguistic backgrounds can fully participate and understand the content, making your event more inclusive.

Miro: Miro's online collaborative whiteboard platform can be embedded into our platform, allowing for interactive brainstorming sessions, workshops, and collaborative projects. This integration enhances the engagement and productivity of your virtual meetings and events.

Slido: Incorporate Slido to facilitate live polls, Q&A sessions, and interactive quizzes. This integration helps in boosting audience participation and gathering real-time feedback during presentations and discussions.

SurveyMonkey: SurveyMonkey integration enables you to create and distribute surveys easily. Collect valuable feedback and data from your attendees to understand their needs, preferences, and experiences better.

Freshchat: Embed Freshchat to provide real-time customer support and engage with your attendees instantly. This live chat solution helps in addressing queries, providing assistance, and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Kahoot: Use Kahoot to host live interactive quizzes and games. This tool is perfect for making sessions more engaging and fun, ensuring that your attendees are actively involved and enjoying the experience.

By integrating these third-party tools, our platform becomes a versatile hub for all your event needs, ensuring a smooth and interactive experience for both administrators and attendees. While Virtual Hive will assist with the integration setup as part of the licence (there might be additional costs if the integration is more sophisticated than normal), customers must first purchase a licence from the third-party provider. Once the licence is acquired, customers need to submit an embed code or API key to Virtual Hive to complete the integration.

Customer Subdomain

When creating a hive in the Virtual Hive platform, it defaults to a URL like https://<customer-defined-name>, such as, where 'Producttour' is customer-defined. Alternatively, you can use a subdomain of your domain for various benefits. For example, if your domain is and you want the hive at, follow this process:

The customer decides on a subdomain and adds a CNAME record in their DNS pointing to the default Hive URL provided by Virtual Hive. Virtual Hive then creates a certificate for the subdomain by generating a value for a TXT record, which is sent to the customer for domain verification. The customer adds this TXT record to the root domain. Virtual Hive completes the certificate creation and adds it to the hive. Finally, both parties test that displays the hive landing page. This ensures the hive is accessible via a custom, branded URL aligned with your domain. You can read more here.



See privacy policy here

See Data Processing Agreement here.

Single Sign-On
Custom Subdomain
Integration to CRM
Event Ticketing
Live Interpretation
Team Whiteboard
Interactive Quiz
Live polls
Live Chat
Interactive Games
Smooth & Scalable

Flexible and Secure Architecture

Hosted on MS Azure, Virtual Hive uses a Kubernetes-based engine for scalability. It integrates with CRM tools, and collects user behaviour data. The platform supports streaming and secure access to content, with guest and admin frontends communicating via HTTPS and WebSockets. 

Platform hosting_ Virtual Hive Platform Architecture as a multi-tenant cloud SaaS-2
Connected & Beyond

Scalability and Robust Performance

"We leverage MS Azure and Kubernetes to ensure scalability and robust performance. Our integration with CRM tools, along with secure streaming capabilities, provides a seamless user experience."

Christian Søhoel, CTO at Virtual Hive
Christian SøhoelCTO, Virtual Hive
Third-Party Tech

Connect to What You Already Use

Native tool or third-party conferencing apps_ It doesnt matter because this platform can do both.
Streamline Interactions

Omni-Channel Meetings

Integrate third-party technologies and CRMs to support an omni-channel approach for digital meetings. Streamline interactions and enhance the company's communication strategy with efficient and engaging digital experiences.



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