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How the virtual experience platform works
Product Setup

How is the platform structured?

Our virtual 3D engagement platform puts experience design at the forefront, offering a highly interactive and immersive environment. With an intuitive admin frontend, administrators have direct control over the platform's management.

Its modular architecture allows for flexibility, enabling the repositioning and activation/deactivation of hotspots (navigation) and scenes according to specific requirements. This ensures a dynamic and customisable experience, empowering you to create engaging virtual spaces tailored to your audience's needs.

The platform includes a wide range of features like built-in video chat and streaming but is also open for easy embedding 3. party technologies. Thus, each univers can easily be tailored to the specific customer requests. Moreover, there are several build-in integrations with platforms like Cvent™️, MS dynamics™️ and Salesforce/Pardot™️. These can easily be customised or new can be implemented due to the flexible platform architecture.

The cloud-based SaaS platform is designed as a secure multi-tenancy solution, hosted in EU/GDPR compliant infrastructure, ensuring that all licensees continuously benefit from new features. The user frontend of the platform can be customised to match the licensee's unique requirements, while providing the flexibility to modify branding, communication, and content directly from the backend.

The engine provides a secure API for the two frontends, which firstly ensures that only authenticated users (guests and administrators) have access, and secondly, that these can only be accessed and use data and functionality belonging to the specific universe. 

With a capacity to support up to 100,000 simultaneous users, the platform ensures scalability. In case of anticipated growth, additional hosting capacity can be easily obtained. Similarly, the platform can accommodate a substantial amount of content, and if more storage is needed, it can be expanded accordingly. This ensures that your business can efficiently manage and scale its operations while delivering an exceptional user experience to a growing user base.

  • Enhanced engagement: Immersive and interactive experiences
  • Personalisation: Tailored content based on individual preferences
  • Scalability: Ability to accommodate large audiences
  • Global reach: Overcome geographical limitations
  • Cost-efficiency: Reduce travel and venue expenses
  • Flexibility: Access content on-demand at any time
  • Consistency: Ensure uniform knowledge delivery across locations
  • Analytics and insights: Measure engagement and effectiveness
  • Collaboration: Facilitate communication and teamwork
  • Customization: Branding and visual identity integration
  • Adaptability: Support for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events
  • Data-driven decision-making: Utilise insights for improvement

Data Privacy by Design

Ensuring that data doesn't leave the EU

Ensuring Data Sovereignty: Our platform's server location is strategically chosen to guarantee compliance with EU data sovereignty regulations. With servers located in a safe part of the world and operating under European legislation, your privacy and security are protected by GDPR. We collaborate closely with a trusted Swedish cloud platform that adheres to ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 standards. This partnership ensures an ethical alternative to major US providers, offering robust security measures for your data.

Eco-Friendly Data Centers

Towards a Sustainable Digital Future

Reducing Digital Carbon Footprint: The internet's growth contributes to global CO2 emissions. Acknowledging this, we prioritise environmental responsibility. Through our partnership with a public cloud platform based in Sweden (ISO 14001 certified), running on renewable green electricity, and our commitment to paying taxes in Nordic countries, we actively promote sustainability, ethics, and morals. By be able to power the data centers with clean energy (as a multi-tenancy solution), we contribute to a greener digital landscape and mitigate the environmental impact of our operations.

With the lobby as the focal point for the event, attendees get an overview of the various pages and options. Here, attendees are meet with multiple branded surfaces and buttons, and directed from a custom navigation menu.-2
  • 01 Dynamic Design
  • 02 Plug 'N' Play
  • 03 Always-On
  • 04 Data Collection
  • 05 Continuous Development
  • 06 Customisation
  • 07 Environmental Impact

Designed to Encourage

Supports the feeling of a real physical experience (1:1 mirror-like), so it is easy to be present as a guest on the platform. Designed to encourage participation, a virtual experience build around human psychology allows attendees to stay connected and focused during virtual events. This prompts users to want to spend more time in venues, and it encourages engagement and their readiness to learn.

Focus on What Matters

Built-in CMS with program (points), news-sticker, images, videos, hotspots etc. which can be adjusted, added and removed by the admin as desired. Implementation, setup and available technical support 365 is a given, so you can focus on what matters most; helping your members. 

Convenient Consumption

Enhanced user engagement and interaction via streams, chat, video meetings (both native and remote), news ticker, pop-ups, program feature. A 'one-stop-shop' where member-focused services can be experienced in an engaging and convenient way for your visitors. Get the capacity of 100,000 simultaneous users at the same time. 

Make More Informed Decisions

Data is available directly via CMS admin and further data extraction and true API integration (open to 3rd party systems) is possible. With physical events, hosts, sponsors, and exhibitors are not given the opportunity to track interactions around the venue, retain chat logs, record booth visits, or receive feedback on how attendees have engaged with each other. It goes without saying that everything has to be GDPR-compliant. 

Beneficial on an Ongoing Basis

Continuous adaptation of the platform to the technological development and research in user behaviour for the benefit of our customers (multi-tenancy solution). As a cloud based SaaS platform, hosted in Microsoft Azure (EU/GDPR), all new features benefit all licensees on an ongoing basis. 

Inspired & Connected

Let your attendees can feel comfortable, inspired, and connected. All scenes have the perfect base for the integration of promotional materials and branding, down to the color of the carpet. Entire content libraries can be uploaded and accessed anytime. Change the view outside the windows; host a retreat in a forest, organise a conference amid snow-capped mountains, or let it take place  in your organisation’s headquarter city.

Renewable Energy Sources

A study conducted by the University of Michigan has stated that virtual events substantially decrease carbon emissions when travel, accommodation, venue maintenance, catering, and materials usage are removed from the equation. They have calculated that taking a large international conference of 5,000 people online will result in overall carbon emission savings of 98%. Here, data centres operating 100% on renewable energy sources can further decrease carbon footprint. 

Online Visitor Center

Meeting Place for International Stakeholders

“We have developed a virtual universe that serves as an online visitor center and meeting place for international stakeholders seeking information about the Danish agriculture and food sector. Through various hotspots, webinar rooms and features, the virtual universe unfolds the story of Denmark as a leading food nation.”

Lise Walbum
Lise WalbomCEO, Foodnation (under the Danish Ministry of Food)
Filtered Product Qualities

Top 3 Role-Focused Features

  • Train & Engage Community
  • Event Management
  • Sales Activation
  • Process Optimisation
  • Bring Products to Market

Crafted to Engage

Designed to make virtual meetings and conferences that people *actually* want to join

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