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Designated Breakout Rooms

Fostering Interactive and Personalised Knowledge Environments

We understand the importance of creating a more focused and personalised learning environment for participants. That's why we offer designated breakout rooms, which serve as versatile spaces for interactive discussions, collaboration, and deeper learning. With the ability to cater to a wide range of purposes and objectives, our breakout rooms are designed to enhance participant engagement, improve focus, and foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Interactive Discussions and Collaboration: Breakout rooms provide a dynamic setting for interactive discussions among participants. By dividing larger groups into smaller, more manageable teams, participants can engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, and collaborate effectively. This interactive approach encourages active participation, promotes diverse perspectives, and stimulates critical thinking. Whether it's brainstorming sessions, group activities, or problem-solving exercises, our designated breakout rooms offer an ideal space for participants to engage and collaborate with their peers.
Personalised Learning Environment: One of the key advantages of breakout rooms is the ability to create a personalised learning environment. Participants can be assigned to specific breakout rooms based on their interests, skill levels, or learning objectives. This targeted approach ensures that participants are surrounded by like-minded individuals, facilitating a deeper exploration of the subject matter and enabling them to address specific challenges or questions they may have. By tailoring the breakout room assignments, we empower participants to focus on the content and discussions most relevant to their needs, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Improved Focus and Flexibility: In a virtual setting, it's easy for participants to become overwhelmed or distracted by the volume of information or the presence of numerous attendees. Breakout rooms address this challenge by providing a more intimate and focused space for learning. Participants can concentrate on the discussions at hand, free from distractions, and with a clear sense of purpose. Additionally, our virtual experience platform offers the flexibility to organise breakout rooms for different durations and purposes, ensuring that participants can engage in in-depth discussions while adhering to their schedule and availability.

Deeper Learning and Understanding: Breakout rooms create an environment conducive to deeper learning and understanding. By encouraging participants to actively participate and collaborate, breakout rooms facilitate the exploration of concepts, theories, and practical applications in a more immersive manner. Participants can delve into complex topics, ask questions, share experiences, and gain new insights through interactive discussions. This deeper level of engagement contributes to a richer learning experience and helps participants grasp the subject matter more effectively.

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Experience Rooms

Engaging Knowledge Sharing

By providing attendees with a platform for interactive and hands-on learning experiences, event organisers can customise content, activities, and product material to better meet attendees' needs and interests - all within a supportive, on-demand environment.
Main Lobby
Breakout Classroom
Main stage
Welcome desk - let meetings matter again
Breakout Lobby
Exhibition hall - unlimited virtual stands
Theatre - Get everyone on the same page
Main Lobby

The main lobby serves as the entry point for attendees and it provides a central location where attendees can navigate to different areas of the virtual environment, such as conference rooms, exhibition halls, or networking lounges. It serves as a visually appealing space that captures attendees' attention and encourages them to explore the virtual environment further while being the focal point to move around efficiently. 

It can be designed and personalised with interactive elements such as videos, images, navigational hotspots, or animations that showcase the event's purpose and engage attendees.

As the cherry on the top, it is possible to add your company's brand essence into the environment, both in terms of color palette as well as adding, removing, or modifying objects in the scene, for instance, the carpets, plants, sunlight outside, diversity of people, and so on. 

Welcome Desk

The welcome desk, or reception, offers orientation, technical support, registration and check-in, and information and assistance to ensure attendees have a positive experience at the event.

It is typically staffed by event organisers or virtual assistants who can provide attendees with assistance and support. The main functions of a virtual welcome desk are greeting and orientation, technical support, registration and check-ins, and information and assistance. 

The staff at the virtual welcome desk may welcome attendees, provide a brief overview of the event, and direct them to the main lobby or assist attendees in finding the right session, speaker, or exhibitor.

Main Stage

The main stage is the central presentation hub, which serves as the primary platform for hosting keynote speeches, presentations, and other featured content.

It is the room for keynote speeches and presentations that are delivered by prominent speakers, industry experts, or event organisers. It may also host featured content such as panel discussions, fireside chats, or Q&A sessions with industry leaders.

It helps to create a sense of community and engagement among attendees and provides them with valuable insights and perspectives on industry trends and best practices, and other relevant topics.

Exhibition Hall

Overall, the exhibition hall provides exhibitors with a platform to showcase their offerings, interact and educate with attendees, and potentially generate leads.

Attendees can learn about new products and solutions, engage in discussions with exhibitors, and network with other attendees. The virtual exhibition hall helps to create a vibrant and engaging environment.

Exhibitors can create virtual booths or stands that feature product demos, brochures, videos, and other marketing collateral. These booths can be customised to reflect the exhibitor's branding and messaging.

Breakout Lobby

The breakout lobby serves as a platform for smaller, more focused discussions and interactions. It allows event organisers to customise content and topics to better meet attendees' needs and interests, while also encouraging engagement and participation in a collaborative and supportive environment.

It typically provides a collection of virtual rooms or breakout sessions (typically 3-5) where attendees can participate in smaller, more focused discussions on specific topics.

The breakout lobby allows event organisers to create breakout sessions on specific topics or themes, such as product demos, case studies, or interactive workshops.

Breakout Classroom

The breakout classroom is designed to facilitate educational and training sessions for attendees. It typically provides a collection of interactive training sessions, workshops, or seminars on specific topics. 

It facilitates interactive and immersive knowledge sharing of educational content designed to help attendees develop new skills and know-how.

Depending on the setup, typically if it live or on-demand sessions, attendees can have the possibility of interacting with instructors, ask questions, and engage in group discussions to deepen their understanding of the topic. 

Breakout Roundtable

The roundtable room is designed to facilitate small, interactive discussions among attendees. It lets attendees participate in smaller, more focused discussions on specific topics.

Typically, there's a limited number of participants to enhance the engaging discussions (if presented live). The virtual breakout roundtable provides attendees with flexibility and choice in how they engage with the event.

The room comes standard with multiple placeholders for branding and content formats. 

Breakout Theatre

The breakout theatre is designed to facilitate live presentations, panel discussions, or performances for attendees. Attendees can participate in or view engaging and informative content on specific topics.

It allows event organisers to create breakout sessions on specific topics or themes, such as new product launches, industry trends, or thought leadership.

The theatre encourages attendee engagement and participation by providing a platform for live Q&A sessions, polls, or chats. Attendees can interact with the presenter, ask questions, and share their feedback in real-time if needed.

Breakout Workshop

Designed to facilitate interactive and hands-on learning experiences for attendees, the breakout workshop room lets attendees participate in practical exercises, guided activities, or interactive sessions on specific topics.

Encouraging collaboration and problem-solving by providing a platform for group work, brainstorming, or peer feedback. Attendees can interact with each other, share their perspectives, and learn from one another in a collaborative environment.

Attendees can apply what they have learned in a safe and supportive environment and receive feedback from peers or experts to improve their performance.
Content Library

The native content library provides attendees with on-demand access to a collection of digital assets, such as videos, white-papers, infographics, case studies, or other educational resources.

By facilitating self-directed learning, attendees can explore different topics, learn new skills, or deepen their understanding of specific subjects by accessing the available (and relevant) content at their convenience any time, from anywhere. 

Consider uploading content before an event to generate excitement and build anticipation among attendees - and after an event - consider uploading recordings of sessions or workshops that attendees may have missed or want to revisit. This will help attendees continue to engage with the content and stay connected to the event even after it's over.

A Meeting Platform That’s All About Your Brand

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Always-on Learning Universe

Educational Content to 250 Locations

“When deciding on a platform for our online learning universe in the manufacturing area, the main challenge for us was finding a centralized virtual environment to deliver educational content to our global team across 250 locations. Virtual Hive’s all-in-one platform allowed us to design an interactive and educational always-on learning universe that continues to inspire employees, and introduce them to our company and culture.
Edgar DuqueGroup Production Development Manager, Andritz AG
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Attendee Breakout

Scenes for All Purposes

By providing a more focused and personalised learning environment, breakout rooms can help participants gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. It fosters interaction and collaboration, improves focus and flexibility, and supports deeper learning.

Roundtable Focus Session
RoundtableFocus Session

Facilitate small, focused, and interactive discussions on specific topics.

Theatre Panel Discussions
TheatrePanel Discussions

Host live presentations, panel discussions, or performances. Let attendees participate in or view informative content on specific topics.

Classroom Educational Know-how
ClassroomEducational Know-how

Provide interactive and immersive knowledge sharing of educational content designed to help attendees develop new skills and know-how.

Main Stage Keynote Presentation
Main StageKeynote Presentation

Have a central presentation hub for hosting keynote speeches, industry presentations, and other featured (expert) content.

Breakout Lobby Route Attendees
Breakout LobbyRoute Attendees

Create breakout sessions on specific themes, such as product demos, case studies, or interactive workshops - and route attendees properly.

Exhibition Hall Product Booths
Exhibition HallProduct Booths

Let teams and exhibitors showcase their offerings, interact and educate with attendees. 

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