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The Solution

Expertly crafted to make knowledge sharing easier

One source-of-truth where business partners, sales channels, employees, and customers can see, learn, and engage in relevant product material, in a time- and cost efficient manner, to train and enable themselves to become experts in your services. It is a marriage between a virtual meeting platform and an on-brand content universe.

With a flexible, virtual seminar and conference platform that route attendees to designated content rooms based on their goals and interests, you are set up for effective knowledge sharing of product launches -and training. 

Content is differentiated according to the given members to ensure that engagement remain in the favorable spectrum, both live and on-demand when members want it, so that the member universe is always available and supported. 


Experience Platform

Experience Platform

To ensure that the right experience is protected, firms should implement a continuation of channel training and development that focuses on enabling business partners to embrace digital capabilities and understand continuously evolving customer engagement models.

Learning Universe

Learning Universe

Let member-focused services be experienced in an engaging way. Share educational knowledge of product launches- and training, so you are set up for increased cohesion and consistency among your business partners. This will help your agents, sales channels, and employees make better decisions in their work.

Hybrid & Virtual Events

Hybrid & Virtual Events

The hybrid and virtual environment adds considerable pressure to omni-channel orchestration. While data and insights can guide channel and content mix decisions, the right setup enriches the model. This is especially true when considering the effect of knowledge sharing in contrast to physical settings that is exceptional at relationship building. 
Cohesion & Consistency

services experienced in
an engaging way.

This will help your agents, sales channels, and employees make better decisions in their work.
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Consistent Messaging

Distribute knowledge in an engaging way

Imagine an end-to-end knowledge sharing platform where all product -and sales material can be stored, shared, and distributed in an engaging way. Now, imagine you could also direct the script while also enabling your audience to be their own editors. With higher content relevancy, you get an insight into your audiences' goals, so you can match profiles and content even smarter.

How the virtual experience platform works

Always-on. On-brand. Up-to-date.

Engagement Platform

How it works?

The product is a virtual 3D engagement platform with a strong experience design as the focal point. It is managed directly from the admin frontend by the administrator and is modular, so that navigational hotspots and scenes can be moved around and turned on/off as needed.

The universe is accessed via a browser at a URL determined by you by either typing it directly into a browser and/or clicking on a link via an existing website or similar. 

This will take the user to the login/registration page where the visitor will be meet by your branded environment, e.g. 'Your headquarter', 'nature settings in a forest', or alternatively directly to a customised 'hotel lobby'.

  • Cloud based SaaS platform, developed as a multi-tenancy solution and hosted in EU under GDPR, so all new features benefit all licensees on an ongoing basis.

  • The platform's user frontend can be tailored to the licensee's drawings and still with the ability to change branding, communication, and content on the platform from day to day, directly from the backend.

  • Capacity: up to 100,000 simultaneous users. If more users are expected, this can be purchased in the form of more hosting capacity. The same applies to the amount of content on the platform.

Transactional Knowledge Relation
Relevance, Service & Accessibility
Trust, Dependency & Relational
Brand Loyalty & Referencing
Focused Formats

Sharpened Core

With a sharpened focus on educational knowledge sharing of product launches -and training to existing business relations, it makes sense to concentrate on the meeting formats that does this best.

Large meetings such as industry conventions and summits implicitly has a physical preference, whereas smaller meetings such as 1:1s typically has the purpose of fostering connections and relationship building - not necessarily the right premise for an effective transfer of knowledge. 

Time = Cash.
Improve both.

Your Advantages

Achieve the benefits

Achieve higher customer loyalty by guiding your members correctly to designated content rooms. 

Less costs. Downgrade on costly TV productions, hotels, and logistics — and switch focus to relevance.Lower costs

Downgrade on costly TV productions, hotels, and logistics — and switch focus to relevance.

Higher engagement. Secure 100% relevance by creating break-outs that fits with interests and needs.Higher engagement

Secure 100% relevance by creating break-outs that fits with interests and needs.

Better insights. Make informed decisions based on data-driven interest and performanBetter insights

Make informed decisions based on data-driven interest and performance metrics.

Less time. No logistics — just a focus on content -and value creation crafted from platform insights.-1Less time

No logistics — just a focus on content -and value creation crafted from platform insights.

  • 01 Train & Engage Community
  • 02 Event Management
  • 03 Sales Activation & Attribution
  • 04 Cascading Content
  • 05 Bringing Products to Market

Designed to Encourage

Increase accessibility, flexibility, and scalability. Training managers and digital transformation managers can provide a more immersive and engaging experience for their audience, which leads to better retention of information and increased motivation to learn. Allow for more efficient and effective communication, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, which can lead to improved business ROI.

Improve current and future events

Create engaging and immersive experiences for your attendees, regardless of whether the event is physical, virtual, or hybrid. Save time and costs associated with venue rental, travel, and accommodations and achieve valuable data insights on attendee behaviour to improve current and future events. Offer yourself flexibility, increased attendee reach, and better insights.

Centralised sales enablement

Activate sales programs by providing a centralised location for sales training, partner enablement, and cascading content, and provide sales teams with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. Attribute revenue to different sales channels, providing valuable insights into which channels are most effective. Train and engage a large audience at once, regardless of location.

Streamline the distribution

Cascading content on a virtual experience platform allows you to centralize and streamline the distribution of product information, sales material, and enablement content. This ensures that all stakeholders receive consistent and up-to-date messaging, resulting in a more cohesive and effective communication strategy. With easy collaboration and content sharing capabilities, teams can work together seamlessly, enhancing productivity and accelerating the dissemination of information. By cascading content through the platform, you can efficiently deliver vital updates and initiatives, ensuring a faster time-to-market and enabling your stakeholders to stay informed and aligned.

Effective go-to-market

Allow yourself to centralise and streamline all product information, sales material, and enablement content. This helps ensure that all stakeholders have access to the same information and messaging, resulting in a more consistent and effective go-to-market strategy. Enables your stakeholders to easily collaborate and share content, leading to more efficient workflows and faster time-to-market for new products and initiatives.

"A by-product of a value chain with higher relevance is that it also builds customer loyalty. This is the 'muscle' that we help activate."

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Andreas HøgsbergFounder & CEO, Virtual Hive