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API & Seamless Integration

Whether it's using the platform's out-of-the-box registration functionality or integrating with more sophisticated setups, API integration empowers businesses to create immersive and personalised virtual experiences that captivate their audience.
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Strong API integration

Capturing and Synchronising Attendee Information Effortlessly

"As the CTO of our company, I am thrilled with the efficient data flow achieved by leveraging the API integration between third-party registration tools, Virtual Hive's event platform, and our clients' CRM systems. This allows our customers to capture and synchronise attendee information effortlessly. The power of this API integration has truly transformed the way we leverage attendee data, enabling us to deliver exceptional experiences and drive meaningful business outcomes."

Christian Søhoel, CTO at Virtual Hive
Christian SøhoelCTO, Virtual Hive
API & Integration

The Power of API Integration in a Virtual Experience Platform

With the fast evolving landscape of virtual experiences, companies are increasingly turning to robust and seamless API integrations to enhance their event registration processes and deliver tailored experiences to their customers. With a focus on data synchronisation, flexibility, and ease of setup, an API-integrated virtual experience platform enables businesses to efficiently manage registrations, personalise content, and seamlessly integrate with existing systems such as CRMs.


Flexible Scheduler for Data Pull: The platform offers API integration with a flexible scheduler that allows businesses to set up data pulls according to their specific needs. Whether it's several times a day, hourly, or customised intervals, the platform can pull data from other systems, ensuring a continuous flow of updated information. By seamlessly pulling data, businesses can keep their virtual experience platform up-to-date and provide attendees with the most relevant and accurate information.

Tailored Registration and Scheduling: The API integration empowers businesses to tailor the registration process and scheduling of virtual experiences according to their unique requirements. Companies can customise data fields, registration frequency, and scheduling parameters to align with their specific goals and target audience. This flexibility ensures that the virtual meeting or conference can adapt to various industries and event types, providing a personalised and seamless registration experience.

Push Data to Existing Registration Systems: For businesses already utilising a registration system, API integration is not a barrier. We push data to the existing system, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring data consistency and the synchronisation of information. However, successful data retrieval depends on proper configuration of data fields and IDs in both systems. Talk to us about your specific requirement; chances are that we have already handled the same setup for other clients.

Powerful Out-of-the-Box Registration Functionality: With a powerful out-of-the-box registration functionality that suits the majority of companies' needs, this feature simplifies the registration process and enables companies to quickly set up and launch their virtual meetings and knowledge sharing events without extensive customisation. However, for more sophisticated setups, the platform seamlessly integrates with other registration tools, such as Cvent, accommodating businesses with very specific requirements.

Customisable Registration Form and Content Categorisation: With the API integration, businesses can create highly customisable registration forms, empowering them to capture specific data points that align with their event objectives. From mandatory fields to drop-downs, multi-select, check boxes, and radio buttons, there are no limitations on the type and number of fields. This flexibility allows our clients to implement registration logic and categorise content based on the parameters captured in the registration form, delivering differentiated and personalised experiences to attendees.

Dynamic Registration Landing Page: While a dynamic registration landing page serves as a hub for attendees to access key event information, the very data that is obtained through this landing page, can also be pushed to your company's tech stack. This landing page can host videos, images, embedded content, and text, enabling businesses to create engaging and immersive registration experiences. Companies can also customise the background of the landing page, aligning it with their branding and event theme.

Setup Assistance and Enrichment of Data: The API integration is a straightforward process, typically requiring just one day for setup (that's on us). We provide assistance to ensure a smooth integration experience, both from registration tools to preferred CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics™️ and Salesforce™️. This streamlines data management and enables you to utilise valuable attendee information for targeted marketing and personalised communication.

CSV File Creation for Third-Party Systems: In cases where a third-party system is not available nor have an open API in place, it is possible to create a CSV file directly within the registration process. The minimum required information is the attendee's name and email address, but companies can include as many additional fields as needed. 

Customisable Visitor Fields: API integration enables the creation of customisable visitor fields, which can be utilised across different modules of the virtual experience platform. These fields provide additional data points that can be leveraged for networking purposes and enriching attendee profiles. While visitor fields do not necessarily need to appear in the registration form, they offer valuable insights and personalisation opportunities throughout the virtual experience.

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Achieve higher customer loyalty through increased content relevancy

Partner Enablement-2Partner Enablement

Empower your partners with immersive training, interactive resources, and real-time communication, fostering a strong partnership and a shared vision for success.

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Elevate training sessions with engaging content, interactive simulations, and performance tracking, equipping your sales teams with the knowledge to drive revenue growth.

Product MarketingProduct Marketing

Seamlessly showcase product features, engage target audiences with captivating content, and gather valuable insights to refine your marketing strategies and elevating your brand.

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Efficiently disseminate knowledge, share best practices, and foster collaboration across teams and departments. Enable seamless and centralised content distribution to drive collective growth.

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