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Retrieve Knowledge Instantly

Poor Knowledge Sharing Made Us Do It

One-source-of-truth for companies to foster expertise in their product and service portfolios, empowering business partners, employees, and customers to access and retrieve knowledge.

On-Brand Experience Platform

Virtual Meeting
& Content Universe

Remember when all companies went from the yellow phonebooks to having a website? Well... now, we’re seeing a shift on the same level; from static websites build around one-way communication to dynamic experiences that foster meaningful dialogues. It’s like the contrast between cable TV and streaming - either it’s decided what and when you should see something, or you take the matter into your own hands, based on the content available.
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One-Size-Fits-All Doesn't Cut It

All participants in virtual meetings and conferences are presented with the same content despite obvious differences, goals and interests. As such, it is very difficult to maintain an informative, up-to-date and on-brand gateway to all of the business-critical stakeholders, simply because a 'one-size-fits-all' doesn't cut it. 

Not Assisting the Audience

This makes it difficult to know if partners, employees, customers, and sales channels have prioritised, engaged in, and understood your latest sales materials, product launches, and available products. The digital 'contact process' is not scalable nor personalised thus it does not efficiently assist sales or customer channels in finding product information and pinpointing best solutions.

Leaving Money on the Table

This has a negative impact on the business's network of stakeholders, as training tasks become more tedious, communication more intrusive, and the process of ensuring everyone is on the same page more time-consuming, which inevitably has a negative impact on the bottom line.

Sell More, Recommend Better

One single source-of-truth where external business partners, sales channels, and internal stakeholders can see, learn, and engage with relevant product -and sales material, in a time- and cost efficient manner, to train and enable themselves to sell more, recommend better, or knowledge share more effectively.

Know Engagement Paths

Route attendees properly and differentiate content per attendees to make sure engagement rates are in the favourable spectrum. Better guidance and recommendations increases the likelihood of returning audiences. Make everything on-brand and bring the company’s identity to life and showcase banners, logos, and promotional materials, added to fit specific needs. This foster inspiration and connectivity. Know engagement paths by having attendee data and analytics to provide an understanding of the event engagement on a granular level, ultimately giving you the opportunity to make more informed decisions on current and future events. 

Unlock the Power

Revolutionise Your Knowledge Sharing Efforts

Welcome to the future of efficient knowledge sharing! With a focus on product marketing, cascading content, partner enablement, and channel sales training, our platform unlocks new possibilities for seamless knowledge transfer and collaboration.

Elevate Product Marketing: Engage your target audience through interactive presentations, dynamic product demonstrations, and immersive storytelling. Showcase your products in a captivating virtual environment that captures attention and sparks interest. With robust analytics and tracking capabilities, you can measure engagement and optimise your marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Empower Cascading Content:  Efficiently cascade content across your organisation, ensuring consistency and reaching every team member effectively. Leverage interactive features to enhance engagement, gather feedback, and encourage information-sharing. Transform passive content consumption into an active, collaborative experience that fuels innovation and knowledge growth.

Enable Partner Success: Empowering your partners is key to driving overall business growth. Deliver tailored training programs to your partners, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel. Foster collaboration and alignment by providing a central hub for information, enabling partners to access resources, share best practices, and stay up-to-date with the latest market trends. 

Revolutionise Channel Sales Training: Replace traditional seminars with interactive workshops, simulations, and role-plays that engage and empower your channel partners. Seamlessly deliver comprehensive insights into market dynamics, sales strategies, and effective selling techniques. Foster collaboration, alignment, and ignite a shared vision for sales growth and success.

How to Build Your Own NetflixTM️ for business partners
Widening the Reach

Meeting Mix is A Strategy

The more communication channels, the more maintenance. Therefore, your meeting mix should complement each other, and if resources are scarce, you should bring it together in one place that can embrace most of it. That's the bottom line.

Extend the Runway

Virtual events doesn't have to be either or…

Virtual meetings can effectively contribute to physical events; they can kickstart, warm up, and extend the runway of an event. This makes it possible to showcase different content before, during, and after an event.

Content Relevancy

Frame of Mind has to be Persuaded

As the methods for transferring business knowledge advances, so will the variety of applications. From 1-way 'cable TV'-flow with content subscription, to 2-way interactive screen-sharing, to branded 2D website extensions with customisations of logo, fonts, and colour palettes, to animated 3D environments where frame of mind and feelings are greatly persuaded. 

What is Virtual Hive?

End-to-End Knowledge Sharing Platform

Imagine a clash of Netflix™️ and Youtube™️ but specifically for knowledge sharing to business-critical stakeholders — that's Virtual Hive. With an end-to-end experience journey on a centralised engagement platform, you are directing the script while enabling your audience to be their own editors.

The Art of Knowledge Sharing

A More Relevant Value Chain

Knowledge sharing has to build brand loyalty at the same time. 
Transactional Knowledge RelationBuying a product from us
Relevance, Service & AccessibilityWe are here to help them
Trust, Dependency & Relational

You can trust us

Brand Loyalty & Referencing

Renewal & recommendation

Environmental & sustainable data centres on renewable energy sources

A place where all business partners, customers, and employees can view your strategy, work collectively on it, and monitor progress regularly.

Our Mission

What drives us?

What motivates us is the current state of poor knowledge sharing inside a company and among the network of external partners. It is something that every business needs to do, both for the sake of consistency in messaging, pushing new products to market, and sales enablement, yet paradoxically, it is still something that is not prioritised on a strategic level nor effectuated in the operations. 

All stakeholders, both employees, franchisees, distributors, partners, and even customers require on-demand product-, service -and sales material that can be consumed at their convenience in an engaging way. Unfortunately, that is not status quo in most organisations.

Setting the groundwork for our platform in early 2018 and launching it in 2020, we combine over 20 years of understanding human behaviour with state-of-the-art technology to create engaging virtual event experiences.

Our virtual environments are fully customisable, and we prioritise attendee immersion above all else. Organisers and sponsors can seamlessly integrate brand colours, banners, and promotional materials into breakout rooms to mirror physical event experiences, down to the color of the carpet.

Physical vs. virtual experience vs. combined 2
Added Benefits

What do you achieve?

  • Attract more participants
  • Maximise your geographical reach
  • Expand your business into new markets
  • Make events last longer when you can replay sessions and download materials
  • Collect valuable data from your event and analyse your performance
  • Reduce carbon emissions and waste
  • Save on travel, accommodation, and catering costs
  • Thoughtful designs that inspire and increase engagement
  • Intuitive navigation, combining the best practices for digital and in-person experiences
  • Easy plug-and-play implementation
  • Real-time, comprehensive data collection and storage
  • Fully customisable virtual venues, promotional material branding, attendee avatars, and more
  • Premium personal support at every step of the way
  • Professionalisation of your transfer of knowledge
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Scale Your Knowledge Sharing.
Control the Narrative and the Costs.

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Designed to Encourage

Supports the feeling of a real physical experience (1:1 mirror-like), so it is easy to be present as a guest on the platform. Designed to encourage participation, a virtual experience build around human psychology allows attendees to stay connected and focused during virtual events. This prompts users to want to spend more time in venues, and it encourages engagement and their readiness to learn.

Focus on What Matters

Built-in CMS with program (points), news-sticker, images, videos, hotspots etc. which can be adjusted, added and removed by the admin as desired. Implementation, setup and available technical support 365 is a given, so you can focus on what matters most; helping your members. 

Convenient Consumption

Enhanced user engagement and interaction via streams, chat, video meetings (both native and remote), news ticker, pop-ups, program feature. A 'one-stop-shop' where member-focused services can be experienced in an engaging and convenient way for your visitors. Get the capacity of 100,000 simultaneous users at the same time. 

Make More Informed Decisions

Data is available directly via CMS admin and further data extraction and true API integration (open to 3rd party systems) is possible. With physical events, hosts, sponsors, and exhibitors are not given the opportunity to track interactions around the venue, retain chat logs, record booth visits, or receive feedback on how attendees have engaged with each other. It goes without saying that everything has to be GDPR-compliant. 

Beneficial on an Ongoing Basis

Continuous adaptation of the platform to the technological development and research in user behaviour for the benefit of our customers (multi-tenancy solution). As a cloud based SaaS platform, hosted in Microsoft Azure (EU/GDPR), all new features benefit all licensees on an ongoing basis. 

Inspired & Connected

Let your attendees can feel comfortable, inspired, and connected. All scenes have the perfect base for the integration of promotional materials and branding, down to the color of the carpet. Entire content libraries can be uploaded and accessed anytime. Change the view outside the windows; host a retreat in a forest, organise a conference amid snow-capped mountains, or let it take place  in your organisation’s headquarter city.

Renewable Energy Sources

A study conducted by the University of Michigan has stated that virtual events substantially decrease carbon emissions when travel, accommodation, venue maintenance, catering, and materials usage are removed from the equation. They have calculated that taking a large international conference of 5,000 people online will result in overall carbon emission savings of 98%. Here, data centres operating 100% on renewable energy sources can further decrease carbon footprint. 

Data Privacy by Design

Data doesn't leave the EU

Location, location, and location…ensuring EU data sovereignty involves limiting cross-border data transfers thus the server location is critical to guarantee the conditions for a trusted operation. With the advantage of being in a safe part of world - and under European legislation - your privacy and security are covered by GDPR.

We work with safety from both the business through good routines and processes and with technical solutions. Our close partnership with a Swedish cloud platform - a partner that meet the requirements for ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 - guarantees a good and ethic alternative to the major US providers.

Setting the groundwork for our platform in early 2018 and launching it in 2020, we combine over 20 years of understanding human behaviour with state-of-the-art technology to create engaging virtual event experiences.

Our virtual venues are fully customisable, and we prioritise attendee immersion above all else. Organisers and sponsors can seamlessly integrate brand colours, banners, and promotional materials into venues to mirror physical event experiences, down to the color of the carpet.

Data centres within the EU
Virtual Product Launch

Doubling Expected Attendee Numbers

"We simulated an in-person product launch 1:1 in a branded virtual setting, and with a few clicks, attendees were able to join a global, real-time community, where people met and interacted just like at a physical event, but without the flights, taxi rides, venues and hotel stays. We more than doubled the expected attendee numbers, reduced the carbon footprint by 67%, and gained valuable attendee data and analytics"
Matthew Archibald, Global Brand Manager, Bayer AG
Matthew ArchibaldGlobal Brand Manager, Bayer AG
Old vs. New

Another Perspective

Old Way
New Way
Cadence of events
Always-on portal
Relationship building
Transaction of knowledge
American servers
Multi-tenancy & GDPR
Siloed for Event
Flow to tech-stack
Default scenes
Custom & standard skins
All event formats
Selected event formats
Branded 2D
Animated & branded 3D
Same content for all
Recommended content
Occurs simultaneously
Can happen unsynchronised
Mixed energy
Renewable energy

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