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Amazing for Many, Exceptional for Certain

While many companies and industries can benefit from a virtual experience platform, certain businesses are spearheading the trend. 
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Regulated Industries

Regulated Industries

Regulated industries can streamline compliance processes and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, for instance, allowing employees, sales channels, and business partners to acquire and reinforce essential knowledge and skills in a controlled environment. 


Cross-Border Enterprises

Cross-Border Enterprises

For multinational businesses relying heavily on technology, a virtual experience platform offers streamlined operations. With a strong focus on data management, strategic business decisions are enhanced. The platform caters to large workforces, spanning tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and supports global presence, for your companies' manufacturing facilities, research centers, sales offices, and likewise. 


Long Sales Cycles

Long Sales Cycles

Companies with long sales cycles can effectively educate their industry and showcase their expertise. With a significant investment in R&D to stay competitive, the platform enables seamless knowledge sharing and collaboration. Meeting high customer expectations for quality, reliability, and service becomes achievable through immersive virtual experiences. Leveraging big data and analytics, companies gain insights into customer behavior, improve operational efficiencies, and drive innovation for new product development.

Knowledge Sharing Platform

Energy-Saving Product Communication

It's difficult to organise, inform, and make sure that your latest sales and product material have been prioritised, understood, and engaged with, thus making it harder for business-critical stakeholders such as employees, partners, and customers to train and enable themselves to become experts at your products and services. 

This harms the business' stakeholder network, as product training becomes intrusive and time-consuming, and aligning everyone becomes difficult.

Just as customers expect up-to-date, personalised, and on-demand content, partners and employees also want the same from their network of solutions — if this isn't already prioritised, it inevitably impacts the bottom line.

  • Smooth-running & Up-to-date
  • On-brand & Authentic
  • Efficient & Productive
  • Time-saving & Expeditious
  • Structured & Systematic
  • Organised & Methodical
  • Well-regulated & Well run
  • Energy-saving & On-demand
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Widening the Reach

Keeping Our Sales Funnel Moving

"What Virtual Hive in essence achieved for our summit was the unification of global experts, innovators, and leaders, tearing down borders between countries and regions, and creating a virtual gathering place to connect and build relationships.​ Our summit was cost-effective, significantly widened our reach, and brought us valuable attendee data and analytics – elements an in-person summit would never be able to deliver. Most importantly, we had the ideal conditions for lead generation and keeping our sales funnel moving."

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Lisa BurchardiMarketing Operations & Event Manager, Configit
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Who Its For

Crafted to Meet High Standards

Unlocking Success for Regulated Industries, Cross-Border Businesses, and Long Sales Cycle Products.

Regulated industries iconRegulated Industries

Reinforce essential knowledge and skills, streamline compliance processes, and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

International cross-border companiesCross-border companies

Enhancing operational efficiency and global alignment with a central platform for training, communication, and consistent messaging.

Product with long sales cycleLong sales cycles

Educate the industry, showcase complex features, and provide interactive demos that accelerate the buying process.

Crafted to Engage

Designed to make virtual meetings and conferences that people *actually* want to join

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  • 01 Train & Engage Community
  • 02 Event Management
  • 03 Sales Activation
  • 04 Process Optimisation
  • 05 Bringing Products to Market

Encourage Readiness to Learn

Provide a centralised platform where community members can access relevant training materials, collaborate with peers, and participate in interactive sessions. This fosters continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and meaningful connections, leading to enhanced engagement, improved skill development, and a stronger sense of community among participants.

Adapt to the Changing Needs

Seamlessly plan, organise, and execute events, combining the best of both virtual and physical elements. This allows for broader audience reach, increased flexibility, reduced logistical constraints, and enhanced attendee engagement through interactive features, networking opportunities, and immersive experiences. Such a platform empowers event organisers to create memorable and impactful events that transcend geographical boundaries and adapt to the changing needs of participants.

Effectiveness of Sales Strategies

Effectively track and measure sales activities, attributing them to specific campaigns, channels, and touchpoints. This enables businesses to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their sales strategies, optimise resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions to drive revenue growth. By providing a seamless and interactive experience for sales teams, both internally and externally, it enhances their productivity, collaboration, and ability to engage with customers, ultimately leading to improved sales performance and measurable business outcomes.

Alignment Across Teams

Streamline and automate complex knowledge sharing processes, allowing for efficient content cascading across various departments and stakeholders. By centralising and digitising workflows, it eliminates manual errors, reduces cycle times, and enhances collaboration, ensuring seamless communication and alignment across teams. This optimisation enables businesses to achieve higher productivity, cost savings, and improved overall operational efficiency, ultimately driving growth and success in today's dynamic and competitive business landscape.

Beneficial on an Ongoing Basis

Facilitate the development and execution of comprehensive go-to-market strategies, to be enabled to effectively launch offerings to target audiences. By leveraging interactive and immersive experiences, businesses can showcase product features, benefits, and value propositions in a compelling way, driving customer engagement and adoption. Enable seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams, ensuring smooth coordination and alignment throughout the entire product lifecycle. With streamlined processes and enhanced market visibility, businesses can achieve faster time-to-market, increased customer satisfaction, and sustainable growth.

Adhering to Strict Standards

Regulated Industries

Oftentimes, they’re publicly listed companies and must adhere to strict standards and ethical business practices while often being subject to extensive government oversight. Being frequently in the public eye and subject to intense scrutiny from consumers, stakeholders, and regulators, companies within regulated industries typically have global operations and presence thus must navigate complex cross-border regulations and cultural differences.

Governed Industries Navigating complex and ethical practices
Ensuring Operation and Continuity

Cross-border Enterprises

Mostly multinational, large enterprises with large workforces, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Often have manufacturing facilities, research centres, and sales offices in multiple countries, as well as long-lasting and crucial network of resellers, distributors, partners, and suppliers. They have robust business continuity plans in place to ensure they can operate in the event of a major disruption.

International companies Global presence and dependencies
Adhering to Strict Standards

Long Sales Cycle Products

Usually, these companies have complex or pioneering products that they need to educate their respective industry about, all while relying on intellectual property protection to maintain a competitive advantage. There are high customer expectations for quality, reliability, and service, and these businesses leverage big data and analytics to gain insights into customer behaviour, improve operational efficiencies, and develop new products.

Advanced Products Shifting customer behaviour and preferences
Maintaining Momentum and Consistency

Meeting-Driven Businesses

Meeting-driven businesses typically operate with a significant volume of meetings, where employees frequently participate in multiple meetings throughout the day. Meetings are regarded as crucial to the company's functioning, serving as the primary platform for discussions, decision-making, and consensus-building. In meeting-intensive companies, meetings bear significant importance; however, there is also a recognition of the necessity for efficiency in their execution.

Meeting-Intensive Operations Meeting Marathon
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Old Way

Branded screen sharing and website extensions with option to change logo, fonts, and colour palette.

New Way

Animated and branded 3D environment where frame of mind and feelings is greatly persuaded.

Cadence of events
Always-on portal
Relationship building
Transaction of knowledge
American servers
Multi-tenancy & GDPR
Siloed for Event
Flow to tech-stack
Default scenes
Custom & standard skins
All event formats
Selected event formats
Branded 2D
Animated & branded 3D
Same content for all
Recommended content
Occurs simultaneously
Can happen unsynchronised
Mixed energy
Renewable energy


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