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With an end-to-end customer journey on a centralised engagement platform, you are directing the script.
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Position your business as an innovator in the market

Current stage: Businesses across various industries struggle to provide engaging and immersive experiences for their audiences. Traditional event management methods are often time-consuming, costly, and limited in scope, hindering businesses from reaching a wider audience and maximising their event impact.

Limited customisation options and branding inconsistencies undermine the ability of businesses to create a cohesive and memorable brand experience. Gathering actionable insights and measuring the effectiveness of events and experiences can also be challenging, leading to missed opportunities for improvement and growth.

In today's digital age, businesses need to adapt and leverage virtual experiences to stay competitive, enhance audience engagement, and drive business growth.

Desired Stage: Empowered with a versatile and feature-rich virtual experience platform that delivers immersive and interactive experiences. By enabling your business to host virtual, physical, and hybrid events on a single platform, you get experience scalability, cost-efficiency, and global reach.

Provide businesses with a customisable virtual experience platform that allows them to create on-brand, visually appealing scenes and environments. Offer a data-driven virtual experience platform with integrated analytics and reporting capabilities, empowering businesses to measure engagement, track ROI, and optimise future experiences.

Embrace the power of virtual experiences to unlock new opportunities, engage audiences on a global scale, and position your business as an innovator in the market.

Which of the following virtual facts is not true_-1

Imagine Netflix™️ but specifically for knowledge sharing to business partners. Now, let us dwell further into that thought; imagine that you could group your audience based on their characteristics and hyper-target your tiered content, all while in an environment that reflects your company, down to the pixel.

With an end-to-end customer journey on a centralised engagement platform, you are directing the script while enabling your audience to be their own editors. It is a 'one-stop-shop' where member-focused services can be experienced in an engaging way that stands out from the competition. 

As the first dedicated PPaaS (Partner-Platform-as-a-Service), rooted in the transfer of educational knowledge of product launches- and training, you are set up for increased cohesion and consistency

You will be perceived as a business partner that brings value in terms of training and knowledge sharing that goes far beyond the product. With realistic, simulated scenarios that reflect the real world, you will be able to share relevant information and develop skills among your audience through an experience that actually engages them. This will help your partners, sales channels, as well as employees make better decisions in their work.

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All the Difference

Stay connected
and productive

The most important factor for remembering a content experience is the emotional impact it leaves on the audience. It has to resonate on an emotional level and evoke strong emotions such as joy, surprise, inspiration, or empathy to create a lasting impression. By leveraging the best of both worlds, a virtual experience platform offers a unique and impactful way to engage and connect with your audience, enhancing your audience's ability to recall the company's message and brand.

Apple Set exhibition hall, stands, and exhibition hall



Product and service communication to business-critical stakeholders and channels are costly, disjointed, and tedious.




It's difficult to organise, inform, and make sure that your latest sales -and product material have been prioritised, understood, and engaged with, thus making it harder for business stakeholders to train and enable themselves become product and service experts.


Why now?

Why now?

This harms the business' network, as product training becomes intrusive and time-consuming, and aligning everyone becomes difficult. Just as customers expect up-to-date, personalised, and on-demand content, partners also want the same from their network of solutions — if this isn't already prioritised, it inevitably impacts the bottom line.

The funny thing about meetings… If they're scheduled, people go, even if they don't feel like it.



All participants in virtual meetings and conferences are presented with the same content broadcasted at a pre-defined schedule despite obvious differences, goals, interests, and work commitments.



An always-on, virtual seminar -and conference platform that route and engage specified audiences to designated content rooms based on the respective purpose of their visit.



One source-of-truth where visitors can see, learn, and engage with relevant material, in a time- and cost efficient manner, to train and enable themselves to be experts in your products.

The advancement of sharing business knowledge 2
  • 01 Prepared Agenda
  • 02 Starting on Time
  • 03 Manage Disruptions
  • 04 Stay on Track
  • 05 Provide a Wrap-up
  • 06 Finish on Time

Covering all Necessary Topics

Ensure a focused meeting by creating an agenda that covers all necessary topics and share it with attendees in advance. This will keep the meeting from running off into unproductive tangents.

Honouring Everyone's Time

Respect everyone's time by beginning the meeting promptly, just as you would with an in-person conference. The virtual experience platform allows seamless access to content, enabling participants to catch up on information even if they weren't present when it was initially shared.

To familiarise participants, a virtual setting can also introduce attendees who haven't met before to foster a comfortable and open environment for discussion.

Take Care of the Problem

In case of interactive video -or screen sharing presentations, you are able to address background noises or distractions promptly, requesting participants to mute themselves or resolve the issue smoothly. This ensures professionalism. If you have a 100% self-supporting virtual experience without any direct human-to-human interaction, you are already ensuring a smooth walk-through of your content. 

Keep an Updated Program

In-person or digital discussions can easily veer off into unproductive topics, especially if new content is presented without having an updated program or timetable. Keep discussions aligned with the agenda, politely noting other topics to address later or at the meeting's end. 

Amp up engagement and encourage participation through various tools like messaging and digital whiteboarding, even for those who prefer not to speak much.

Summarising the Meeting

Make sure to reserve time at the end for a proper summary of your meeting. Go over what action items were decided on, who the deliverable owners are, and when they will be due. And be sure to let everyone know when the next meeting will be (if there is one).​

Get Back to Other Responsibilities

Respect attendees' commitments by ending the meeting at the scheduled time, demonstrating organisation and consideration. Doing so will likely give others a positive attitude about conferences that you host. Follow up with individuals offline for unresolved concerns.

Let Attendees Be Their Own Editors


Keynote Speaking

A dedicated breakout room designed for keynote speakers and lecturing formats, allowing for more impactful presentations. This specialised room enables ensures clear and uninterrupted communication. By providing a seamless experience, participants can fully absorb the insights and knowledge shared by the speakers, resulting in a more memorable event.


Thought-Provoking Talks

Establish a dedicated virtual breakout room specifically designed for dynamic and engaging debates on various topics. With the ability to accommodate multiple speakers and provide seamless audio and video communication, participants can actively participate in thought-provoking debates, gain diverse perspectives, and enhancing their critical thinking skills.


Different Viewpoints

Tailored for panel discussions, featuring multiple speakers sharing their insights and expertise. This space enables seamless collaboration among panelists, facilitating interactive discussions, diverse perspectives, and meaningful exchanges. The panel format offers a dynamic platform for thought leadership and knowledge sharing.


Simultaneous Speaking

Experience the power of meaningful conversations with a room designed for forum-style discussions. The forum format room facilitates dynamic exchanges, encourages collaboration, and enables attendees to dive deeper into specific topics, creating a rich and interactive environment for knowledge exploration and community engagement.

To make an engaging knowledge sharing experience, we need to help our audience cross two hurdles
Harvard Business Review™️

Stop the Meeting Madness

Meetings have increased in length and frequency over the past 50 years, to the point where executives spend an average of nearly 23 hours a week in them, up from less than 10 hours in the 1960s.

Senior managers in a range of industries have been surveyed for this while the report has been supported by other research papers such as the 'Science and Fiction of Meetings' by the University of North Carolina.

64% said they can't focus on deep thinking. Time is zero-sum. Every minute spent in a wasteful meeting eats into time for solo work and cognitively demanding tasks that’s equally essential for creativity and efficiency.

65% can't complete their own work. Individuals’ time dissipates because the sheer quantity of meetings crowds out solo work, and poor scheduling disrupts critical deep thinking, ultimately forcing people to make trade-offs.

71% thinks that meetings are unproductive. Poorly run meetings let group productivity and camaraderie deteriorates over the long term, mostly due to unpreparedness, vague agendas, and next steps usually left unclear.

62% find meetings insufficient for team bonding. Instead of improving communication and collaboration, as intended, bad meetings undermine those things. A few positive experiences cannot make up for a lot of wasteful ones.

How the virtual experience platform works
Experience Platform

Recognisability, Relevancy, and Engagement, rolled into one

To effectively engage stakeholders, companies should focus on creating personalised and targeted knowledge sharing campaigns. This involves leveraging a robust data foundation to understand evolving audience preferences, channel effectiveness, and content relevance. By adopting a predictive approach, businesses can proactively meet the changing wants and needs of customers and partners. To mitigate external risks, it is beneficial to implement an experience planning framework. This ensures a strategic and adaptable approach to maximise engagement and minimise uncertainties.

Companies should reassess content experience assumptions and address gaps to meet audience preferences in terms of content delivery, timing, and format. It is vital to reallocate resources from internal preferences towards more effective on-demand channels, ensuring optimal engagement.

Guide Members properly: Differentiate content according to members to ensure that engagement is in the favorable spectrum, both live and on-demand when members want it, so that the member universe is always available and supported. 

Do everything on-brand: Bring your identity to life and showcase banners, logos and promotional materials that can be added to meet specific needs. This will also be possible for any collaborating companies, external speakers, etc. 

Understanding your members: Member data and analytics provide an understanding of event engagement at a granular level, providing a basis for keeping members engaged in relevant dialog. This data can also be shared across your tech ecosystem. 

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