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Case: Global 2024

Accelerating reach and customer value with Virtual Hive.

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Emagine is a high-end business and IT consultancy. With an extensive network of experts, we drive progress, solve problems and deliver tangible results through customised consulting, Nearshoring as a Service and a range of Managed Services.


To demonstrate Emagine's leadership in PMI, enhance customer satisfaction, and highlight the benefits of partnering with them. They focused on enhancing the power skills of project professionals, leaders, and consultants in change management and emerging technology use.


Held on Virtual Hive, the conference offered insights on key topics like Agile, AI, Cyber Security, and Sustainability, essential for project success. Attendees accessed content from 12 international speakers who presented simultaneously, joined topic-specific breakout rooms, and networked according to their schedules.


Over 300 unique PMI members and consultants attended the event, which was 50% more participants compared to the physical counterpart.

Retention rate reached an impressive 97% throughout the duration of the event.

27% additional (on-demand) post-event attendees saw the content after the event was held live.

"The conference was held on Virtual Hive, which allowed you to get content from all the speakers and chat with others during the conference meeting."
How We Helped emagine

An immersive environment for 180 live attendees over four hours of diverse and parallel presentations

Emagine's PMI SeminarWorld Copenhagen 2024 stands out as a pioneering event, held on January 10, 2024. This conference united a global community of project professionals, leaders, consultants, and academics, with a focus on turning innovative ideas into reality. Our contribution was pivotal in transforming this event into an interactive, engaging, and informative experience using our advanced meeting experience software.

The challenge was to create an immersive environment for the 180 live attendees over four hours of diverse and simultaneous presentations. We achieved this through:


Interactive Live Presentations: Our platform enabled dynamic, parallel sessions where attendees could actively participate, ask questions, and engage in discussions in real-time. This interactive approach made each presentation a two-way conversation rather than a one-sided lecture.

Networking and Real-Time Communication: We integrated chat and networking functionalities, allowing attendees to seamlessly connect, discuss topics, and share insights. This feature fostered a sense of community, crucial for a virtual event, enabling professional connections and collaborations.

Continuous Access to Content: Our software ensured that all participants had ongoing access to relevant content, speaker insights, and presentation materials throughout the event. This aspect was particularly beneficial for reinforcing learning and providing resources for deeper understanding.

The conference covered a wide range of topics, reflecting the latest trends and challenges in project management and related fields. Notable sessions included:

  • Exploration of team-level autonomy and AI integration in modern organisational structures.
  • Insights into the "Camelot Model" for aligning teams with AI drivers.
  • The latest in cybersecurity standards and its relevance to project management.



The success of this event showcased the potential of our technology to revolutionise the way virtual conferences are conducted, making them more interactive, engaging, and valuable for all participants.

What Was Needed

Requested Possibilities

  • Robust Interactive Features: Emagine emphasised the need for a platform with interactive capabilities, such as live Q&A sessions, real-time polls, and audience participation tools. This was to ensure that the virtual conference could replicate the dynamic nature of in-person events, allowing attendees to actively engage with speakers and content.

  • Comprehensive Networking Solutions: Recognising the importance of networking in professional conferences, Emagine requested a sophisticated networking solution. They sought features that would enable attendees to connect, interact, and schedule meetings with each other, as well as with speakers and exhibitors, to facilitate meaningful professional connections.

  • On-Demand Content Accessibility: Emagine required the provision for attendees to access conference content, including recorded sessions and downloadable resources, on-demand post-event. This request was to ensure that attendees could revisit the material at their convenience for extended learning and reference.

  • Customisable Branding and Aesthetics: A key request from Emagine was the ability to customise the look and feel of the conference platform to align with their branding. They wanted a visually cohesive and branded environment, from the landing page to individual session interfaces, to reinforce their brand identity and create a unique virtual experience.



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What Emagine Achieved


  • Increased Engagement and Satisfaction: The interactive features of our software significantly boosted attendee engagement and satisfaction, leading to a more dynamic and immersive conference experience.

  • Enhanced Accessibility and Continuous Learning: Attendees benefited from the flexibility to access content anytime, anywhere, for a month post-event, facilitating continuous learning and greater content assimilation.

  • Improved Networking Opportunities: The platform's networking capabilities enabled valuable connections among professionals, fostering potential collaborations and professional growth within the virtual conference setting.

  • Strengthened Brand Image and Market Position: Emagine's successful use of advanced technology showcased its innovative approach, enhancing its brand reputation and positioning it as a leader in hosting high-caliber virtual events.

The Next Emagine Event


  • Overall Satisfaction and User Experience: Emagine's PMI SeminarWorld Copenhagen 2024 garnered high praise for its overall satisfaction levels and positive user experience. Attendees expressed satisfaction with the platform's functionality and engagement features, contributing to a successful virtual conference.

  • Improved Participant Communication: One key improvement highlighted by Emagine was the need for even clearer participant communication. They noted that sending links directly from their own email addresses would reduce confusion and avoid emails being filtered as spam. As such, we implemented this suggestion for seamless communication and ensure emails originate from the same domain. Also, we've since Emagine's event made it possible to decide on the email's subject line so it can even better represent our customers' specific events. 

  • Enhanced Breakout Sessions: Breakout sessions were well-received by attendees, providing valuable opportunities for deeper discussions and networking. Emagine emphasised the importance of maintaining individualised breakout experiences to cater to diverse participant interests. We now know how we - together with Emagine - can make it even better next time.
  • Challenges and Solutions: Some challenges were identified, including pop-ups and underutilised networking features. Emagine suggested improving pop-up functionality to remind participants of networking opportunities and addressing technical issues with Vimeo presentations (not Virtual Hive) to enable presenters to view participant reactions. We reenforced the pop-ups and looked into better communication to admins in regard to using Vimeo as video streaming platform. 

  • Future Recommendations: To enhance user experience further after an event, Emagine proposed the implementation of 'static' programme that encompassed the events' various live sessions and materials to optimise individualised post-event content consumption. Also, Emagine suggested the possibility of administrators to 'force' people 

"We challenge and enhance the way businesses leverage high-end expertise - and through Virtual Hive's platform we were able to do this effectively in a virtual setting as well."
Henrik TimmBusiness Unit Director, emagine

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