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Providing a behind-the-scenes look at processes and practices

Danish Crown

With a turnover of around 60 billion DKK, approx. 26,000 employees, market presence in more than 130 countries, and production in several countries in Europe and in China, Danish Crown is a major player in the food producing industry. They stand on the shoulders of over 130 years of history, filled with tradition and innovation, and have a vision of delivering climate neutral production by 2050.


Enhance transparency and stakeholder engagement. Danish Crown aimed to leverage our virtual experience platform to provide an immersive and transparent experience for their stakeholders. The objective was to showcase their abattoirs, factories, brands, and offices in a virtual environment, allowing stakeholders to explore and gain deeper insights into Danish Crown's operations, many brands, and values.


Displaying the inner workings of their abattoirs, factories, and offices, providing a behind-the-scenes look at their processes, quality standards, and sustainability practices. 

ResultBy offering an interactive and engaging experience where stakeholders could virtually learn about Danish Crown's brands and products, and interact with relevant information and multimedia content, they reinforced their position as an industry leader, especially within their commitment to animal welfare, food safety, and sustainability initiatives.
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"Partnering with Virtual Hive allowed us to present our extensive range of brands in a captivating and interactive way."
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Customer Experience TeamDanish Crown
How We Helped Danish Crown

Highlighting products while also shedding light on sustainable practices and processes

We had the privilege of collaborating with Danish Crown, a renowned and industry-leading company in the food processing sector. Through our innovative technology and immersive features, we successfully assisted Danish Crown in showcasing their diverse range of brands while providing audiences with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their intricate processes and sustainable practices.

Our virtual experience platform enabled Danish Crown to create a captivating and interactive brand showcase. Through visually stunning virtual environments, users were able to explore the various brands under the Danish Crown umbrella, ranging from premium meat products to high-quality ingredients. By integrating high-resolution images, videos, and descriptive content, we brought their products to life, giving users a comprehensive understanding of each brand's unique offerings.

One of the highlights of our collaboration was the creation of virtual tours that offered a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Danish Crown's production facilities and practices. Leveraging our platform's advanced 3D visualisation and '360-degree video capabilities', users were able to virtually navigate through different production lines, witnessing the meticulous processes involved in delivering top-notch products. This immersive experience fostered a deeper connection between Danish Crown and its audience, showcasing the company's commitment to quality and transparency.

To enhance user engagement and knowledge transfer, we incorporated interactive demonstrations into the virtual experience. Users could actively participate in simulated activities, such as selecting and preparing ingredients, or experiencing the intricacies of Danish Crown's meat processing techniques. Through interactive elements like quizzes, product exploration, and gamified challenges, we made the virtual experience not only informative but also entertaining, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable encounter with Danish Crown's brands.

As sustainability and ethical considerations are increasingly important to consumers, our virtual experience platform enabled Danish Crown to highlight their commitment to responsible practices. We showcased their efforts in sustainable sourcing, animal welfare, and environmentally friendly production methods. Users were able to gain valuable insights into Danish Crown's initiatives, such as reducing food waste, implementing renewable energy sources, and supporting local communities. By emphasising these aspects, Danish Crown could strengthen their reputation as a responsible industry leader.

Our virtual experience platform ensured accessibility for a broad range of users. It allowed individuals to access the virtual showcase and tours from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, we integrated robust data analytics tools that provided Danish Crown with valuable insights into user engagement, preferences, and feedback. These analytics empowered Danish Crown to optimise their marketing strategies, improve user experiences, and make informed business decisions.

What Was Needed

Requested Opportunities

  • Showcase their diverse range of brands effectively
  • Provide an immersive and interactive experience for customers
  • Offer a behind-the-scenes look at their production processes and practices
  • Being able to highlight their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing
  • Ensure seamless accessibility across multiple devices
  • Gather valuable data analytics for user engagement and feedback
Danish Grown x Virtual Hive
Danske Speditørers exhibition hall
What Danish Crown Achieved


Increased Brand Engagement: The immersive and interactive nature of the virtual experience platform led to increased engagement from customers. Users spent more time exploring Danish Crown's brands and interacting with the virtual content, resulting in a higher level of brand awareness and customer interest.

Enhanced Customer Understanding: The behind-the-scenes virtual tours provided customers with a comprehensive understanding of Danish Crown's production processes and practices. This transparency helped build trust and confidence among customers, as they gained valuable insights into the company's commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing.

Strengthened Reputation as an Industry Leader: By showcasing their sustainable practices and ethical sourcing initiatives, Danish Crown solidified their position as an industry leader. The virtual experience platform effectively communicated their efforts, leading to a positive perception among customers and stakeholders, reinforcing Danish Crown's reputation for responsible business practices.

Improved Customer Connection: The virtual experience platform facilitated a deeper connection between Danish Crown and its customers. By offering an immersive and engaging experience, customers felt more connected to the brand and its values. This emotional connection resulted in increased customer loyalty, repeat purchases, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Valuable Data Insights: The integration of a robust data analytics tool provided Danish Crown with valuable insights into user engagement, preferences, and feedback. These insights enabled the company to optimise their marketing strategies, refine their product offerings, and make data-driven business decisions.

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"By showcasing our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, we were able to connect with consumers on a deeper level, reinforcing our position as an industry leader"
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Customer Experience TeamDanish Crown

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