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Online visitor center for enhanced knowledge and inspiration

Food Nation

Food Nation is a collaborative initiative between the Danish government, prominent private organisations, and companies, operating as a non-profit public-private partnership. Serving as a comprehensive resource, it acts as a gateway to valuable information regarding the Danish agriculture and food sector, offering knowledge that facilitates the acceleration of international business growth through improved solutions, innovative products, and trustworthy collaborations.


The primary objective of Food Nation's virtual experience platform was to provide international delegations with a comprehensive and engaging introduction to Denmark's food industry. By leveraging interactive elements and up-to-date knowledge, the platform aimed to inspire visitors, highlight Denmark's rich food and agricultural history, and showcase the country's innovative products and solutions. The platform also sought to offer relevant case studies from the entire food value chain, tailored to the specific interests of each visitor.


Through the innovative use of our virtual experience platform, Food Nation inspired and educated international delegations about Denmark's prowess as a food nation, providing valuable insights before their on-site visits, in either Copenhagen or Aarhus.

ResultsFood Nation's partnership with Virtual Hive revolutionised their online visitor center, providing international delegations with an interactive and informative introduction to Denmark as a leading food nation. By combining guided storytelling, self-exploration, and interactive installations, the platform exceeded expectations, offering personalised experiences, enhanced engagement, and in-depth knowledge transfer. The success of the virtual experience platform reaffirmed its pivotal role in showcasing Denmark's food industry on a global scale and establishing Food Nation as a trusted source of inspiration and information in the international food community.
Food Nation. Academies of Sustainable Value Chains
"Together with Virtual Hive, we have developed a virtual universe that aims to serve as an online visitor center and meeting place for international stakeholders seeking information about the Danish agriculture and food sector."
Lise Walbum
How We Helped Food Nation

Compelling online visitor center with tailored case studies, global accessibility, and data analytics

With a focus on showcasing Denmark as a pioneering force in innovative, sustainable, and efficient food production, Food Nation's main focus has been to generate awareness and recognition on a global scale. It serves as a vital conduit for international stakeholders seeking insights and expertise on Danish food solutions. With their online visitor centre, they wanted to warmly welcome delegations and companies, providing them with an immersive introduction to Denmark's status as a leading nation in agriculture and food.

Through our virtual experience platform, we supported Food Nation's efforts to inspire and inform international delegations about Denmark's food industry. By offering a compelling and immersive online visitor center, tailored case studies, global accessibility, and data analytics, we played a crucial role in helping Food Nation achieve its mission of promoting Denmark as a leading agriculture and food nation.

We created a customised virtual visitor center for Food Nation, transforming their physical spaces into engaging and interactive online experiences. Our platform facilitated immersive and interactive experiences for visitors. Through a combination of guided storytelling and self-exploration, we engaged visitors with compelling narratives, multimedia content, and interactive modules. This approach provided a deeper understanding of Denmark's rich food and agricultural history, as well as the innovative products and solutions within the Danish food cluster.

To cater to the specific interests and needs of visitors, we developed a feature that presented relevant case studies from the entire food value chain. These case studies dynamically adapted to each visitor's field of interest, showcasing real-world examples of Denmark's expertise and accomplishments in areas such as sustainability, innovation, and efficient food production.

By transitioning Food Nation's visitor centers to a virtual platform, we enabled them to reach a global audience. This increased accessibility allowed stakeholders and interested individuals from around the world to easily access the virtual experience, learn about Denmark's food industry, and gather valuable insights without the limitations of physical location or travel.

Our platform provided Food Nation with robust data analytics and insights. This valuable information allowed Food Nation to gather data on user engagement, visitor preferences, and feedback. These insights empowered Food Nation to make data-driven decisions, optimise their virtual experience, and continuously improve their engagement strategies.

What Was Needed

Requested Opportunities

  • Guided Storytelling: Through curated narratives and guided tours, visitors should be able to embark on a virtual journey through the history of Danish food and agriculture production. The storytelling should be expertly crafted and immersing visitors in the cultural and economic significance of Denmark's food industry, showcasing its evolution and milestones.

  • Self-Exploration: The platform should empower visitors to delve deeper into specific areas of interest through self-guided exploration. Interactive modules, videos, and multimedia content should provide in-depth knowledge about Denmark's food cluster, highlighting its achievements, innovations, and sustainability practices.

  • Interactive Installations: At the heart of the virtual experience, interactive installations should captivate visitors by showcasing relevant case studies from the entire food value chain. These installations dynamically should adapt to the visitor's field of interest, ensuring a personalised and tailored experience that resonated with their specific needs.

  • Virtual Demonstrations: The solution should incorporate virtual demonstrations within the platform, allowing visitors to witness live or pre-recorded demonstrations of Danish food production techniques, cooking methods, or innovative processes. This feature would provide an interactive and educational experience, giving visitors a firsthand look at the expertise and craftsmanship behind Danish food products.

  • Collaborative Workspaces:  Collaborative workspaces within the virtual experience platform should enable international delegations to connect and collaborate with Danish food experts, industry professionals, and other visitors. This feature should facilitate networking, knowledge sharing, and partnership opportunities, creating a dynamic and interactive virtual community centred around the Danish food industry.

  • Gamification Elements: Gamification elements within the virtual experience platform should enhance visitor engagement and motivation. This should be interactive quizzes, challenges, or puzzles related to Danish food culture, history, and sustainability practices. By gamifying the learning experience, visitors should be able to test their knowledge, creating a fun and interactive way to absorb information and increase retention.
Food Nation x Virtual Hive
Food Nation. Pig. Barn and Feed Solutions.
Food Nation. Pig. Slaughterhouses
Food Nation. Pig. Breeding and Grain.
Food Nation. Pig Academy
Food Nation. Pig. Research and Innovation.
What Food Nation Achieved


  • Increased Engagement: The platform captivated international delegations, resulting in higher engagement levels compared to traditional visitor centers. The interactive nature of the platform, combined with immersive storytelling and personalised exploration, kept visitors actively involved, resulting in longer visit durations.

  • Enhanced Knowledge Transfer: Visitors gained a comprehensive understanding of Denmark's food industry through the platform's up-to-date knowledge and interactive content. The combination of guided storytelling and self-exploration facilitated effective knowledge transfer, equipping visitors with valuable insights about Denmark's food cluster, its products, and innovative solutions.

  • Tailored Experiences: The platform's interactive installations showcased relevant case studies based on the visitor's field of interest. This tailored approach ensured that each delegation received a unique experience aligned with their specific objectives, fostering a deeper connection and resonating with their individual needs.

  • Global Reach and Accessibility: By transitioning to a virtual experience platform, Food Nation expanded its reach to a global audience. The online visitor center eliminated geographical barriers, allowing international stakeholders from diverse locations to access the immersive experience conveniently and gain insights into Denmark's food industry.

"Through various hotspots, webinar rooms and features, the virtual universe unfolds the story of Denmark as a leading food nation and how we are working towards more sustainable solutions in the future. The universe is open 24/7, and it is possible to book a guided tour and conduct webinars and meetings on the platform."
Lise Walbum
Lise WalbomCEO, Foodnation

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