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Nilfisk Virtual
Product Launch

Discover how Nilfisk unveiled their latest autonomous cleaning technology globally, transforming engagement and outreach.



Nilfisk is a leading global provider of professional cleaning products and services. With a history spanning over a century, Nilfisk is dedicated to innovation and quality, supplying consumers and businesses with advanced cleaning solutions.


Nilfisk aimed to launch their latest autonomous floor cleaning robots to a global audience, encompassing internal stakeholders and external partners like resellers, distributors, and customers. The goal was to maximise engagement, disseminate detailed product information, and demonstrate the robots' cutting-edge features interactively.


Nilfisk's two-part product launch began with an internal event for nearly 1,200 employees using green screen technology for dynamic presentations. The next day, a physical expo in Amsterdam invited customers to the platform for the new product unveiling. Nilfisk reported a successful sign-up rate for the prerecorded launch, which included interactive elements like live Q&A, polls, and 1:1 dialogue options.


Nilfisk reached nearly 1,400 participants globally across two days—1,200 employees followed by approx. 200 customers.

32% of 'offline' expo attendees downloaded product material, with an average browsing time of 55 minutes, showing strong interest.

A post-event survey showed a 90% satisfaction rate, highlighting the presentation's clarity and interactivity.

How We Helped Nilfisk

A New Dimension in
Launching New Products

Internal Launch
Virtual Hive facilitated Nilfisk’s internal launch targeting 1,200 employees worldwide. By utilising green screen technology, the platform allowed for a visually engaging presentation of the new autonomous floor cleaning robots, ensuring consistent content delivery.

Interactive features such as live Q&A and polls kept the internal audience engaged and provided immediate feedback, essential for gauging employee reception and understanding.

External Launch
The following day, Nilfisk hosted a physical expo in Amsterdam for an external launch, reaching out to 200 pre-vetted potential customers.

Nilfisk reported a successful percentage of customers signed up to view the prerecorded launch on the platform. The platform's ability to provide on-demand product materials and detailed analytics helped Nilfisk tailor interactions and gather actionable insights specific to external stakeholders.

This strategic approach not only enhanced engagement but also generated a significant uptick in preliminary sales inquiries, showcasing the effectiveness of the platform in handling complex, large-scale events.





Pre-Event Excellence

Pre-Event Excellence

Virtual Hive streamlined Nilfisk's pre-event experience by implementing features such as single sign-on registration for easy participant access, a customised landing page that reflected Nilfisk’s branding and event specifics, and detailed speaker bios and session overviews. These elements provided attendees with valuable insights and a smooth entry into the event.

Event Highlights

Event Highlights

Nilfisk's CEO utilised a green screen integrated webinar to dynamically present their new autonomous floor cleaning robots. Virtual Hive's platform enhanced this with interactive voting, live Q&A sessions, and access to on-demand product materials, deepening participant engagement and understanding of the innovative features.

Post-Event Impact

Post-Event Impact

After the event, Nilfisk used Virtual Hive to boost engagement and gather insights. The platform allowed on-demand access to recorded sessions and provided comprehensive reports and follow-up emails to gauge the event's success. Data tracking tools also helped Nilfisk fine-tune their approach by analysing attendee interactions and preferences.

What Was Needed

Requested Features for Nilfisk's Virtual Product Launch

  • Professional Production: To ensure premium quality in production and creative elements, Nilfisk partnered with Virtual Hive and Agenda Group for expert communication and engagement.
  • Interactive Voting and Polls: To allow participants to engage actively and share their opinions on the presented content.

  • Live Q&A Video Sessions: To facilitate real-time interaction between Nilfisk's team and the global audience.

  • On-Demand Product Material: To provide attendees with optional access to detailed information about the new technology, enhancing understanding and interest.
  • Recorded Sessions: To enable on-demand replay of the event, allowing attendees to view the content at their convenience.
  • Comprehensive Reports and Follow-Up Emails: To maintain engagement post-event and measure the success of the launch.
  • Data Tracking: To offer Nilfisk insights into attendee interactions and preferences, aiding in the fine-tuning of their strategies.
  • Customised Event Landing Page: To tailor the event's online presence to reflect Nilfisk’s branding and specifics.
  • Speaker Bios and Session Overviews: To provide attendees with valuable insights about the speakers and the agenda, enriching the event experience.
  • Single Sign-On Registration: To ensure easy and secure access for all participants.



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Product Launch

Speedy Product Dissemination

Attracting a diverse global audience and generating significant engagement, Nilfisk's virtual product launch showcased innovative products through interactive presentations and live Q&A sessions, resulting in high attendee satisfaction and strong post-event follow-up activity.

Nilfisks advertisement of the virtual event on LinkedIn
Nilfisk Front and Center

Focused on Nilfisk's Brand

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Nilfisk Virtual product launch in 2024
Nilfisk Virtual product launch in 2024
Product video
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Nilfisk x Virtual Hive
What Nilfisk Achieved


  • Wide reach: The launch successfully engaged over 1,400 global attendees, including employees, resellers, distributors, and customers, demonstrating the platform's capacity to handle large-scale virtual events.

  • High engagement: Interactive elements such as polls and Q&A sessions saw a 75% participation rate, ensuring that attendees were not only present but actively involved in the event.

  • Positive feedback: Post-event surveys indicated a 90% satisfaction rate among participants, highlighting the event’s effectiveness and the platform’s user-friendly interface.

  • Engaged Offline Audience: 32% of 'offline' expo attendees downloaded product material, with an average browsing time of 55 minutes, showing strong interest and engagement from traditionally offline segments.

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